News of Faculty of Mass Communication - MSA University

The Faculty of Mass Communication at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) conducted its Journalism Graduation Project discussion, under the supervision of Dr. Hala El Zahed, the Journalism Program Leader.


The project represented a magazine (paper & online publication) called "The Expressionist" which tackled popular Egyptian culture, museums, and entertainment news in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Presented by both students Nour Saad and Shaza Khairy, the project was judged by external and internal panelists, Ms. Heba Helmy, editor-in-chief of Egypt Independent, and Professor Maha El Tarabishi, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication.


The Broadcasting Department Faculty of Mass Communication Graduation projects.


The Faculty of Mass Communication witnessed the screening of the documentary films for the 2021/2022 academic year under the auspices of Professor Amany Fahmy, the Dean of the Mass Communication Faculty.


Almost 81 graduation films were on display all of which tackled various ideas, topics, and issues that expressed young people’s thoughts and visions for the future. Presenting a variety of documentaries in light of the national interest of the Sustainable Development Goals where each project discussed a variety of cultural heritage, social balance, and environmental sustainability.

MSA University and the Faculty of Mass Communication Dean, Professor Amany Fahmy, would love to congratulate both Farida El Shazly and Adam Ghoniem, senior students of the Faculty of Mass Communication, PR & Advertising department for winning second best Advertising Campaign Idea in Egy-Asteroid Initiative Competition with their campaign “Your Space ... Your place”.

It is with great honour Professor Amany Fahmy Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, proudly announces the signing of a new protocol between the faculty of Mass Communication and Leap Communications agency. 
The faculty of Mass Communication proudly welcomed Mr.Amr Nada, the managing partner, to sign this agreement, stating that the agency will  prioritise MSA students for available internships and job opportunities in the field of PR & Advertising. 
Mr. Amr  Expressed his admiration to MSA graduates that had the opportunity to work with him in the past, mentioning how distinct they are among other graduates.

The Faculty of Mass Communication hosts for the second round the Student Art Exhibition for MCOM202 Photo journalism students.


The Exhibition was conducted in the entryway of the faculty and was launched through cutting the opening ribbon by University President Professor Khairy Abdel Hamid and Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication Professor Amany Fahmy who was very fond of the magnificent art work presented by the students.


Tuesday, 07 June 2022 10:46

Zero Waste Awareness Day - MCOM

MSA University witnessed for two consecutive days the "Zero Waste" through this event MSA University installed segregation bins all around campus, an initiative made and organized by two very promising Assistant Lecturers Mrs. Mai Magdy and Ms. Monda Magdy from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Making it one of the first eco-friendly faculties on campus.


Three graduation projects of the PR and Advertising department were presented, under the supervision of Dr. Iman Zahra and Assistant Lecturer Ms. Lama Atef. These projects: "The sustainers, "Green Finance" and "Developed Villages" all tackled sustainability as part of Egypt Vision 2030 as an ambitious national agenda in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The first day witnessed many giveaways intended to raise awareness and initiating behavior towards eco-friendly environmental efforts as promoted by the Egyptian vision 2030.


Monday, 06 June 2022 12:05

World Environment Day

Believing in the slogan of the first United Nations Conference regarding the Environment “We only have one land” and with the presence and participation of a constellation of experts and specialists to raise various environmental issues,,,


October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) held an event entitled “Egypt and the Race for Climate Change to Zero and resiliance” (the green road to COP 27 conference), headed by Dr. Nawal El-Degwi and with the participation of the national company Egypt Air, and in the presence of a group of experts and specialists.


MCOM Students with their Astonishing Campaigns for Graduation Projects!!!


“DAWI” whose main objective is to let you heal your life with expressive arts. The campaign discusses mental health, trauma and its healing through art therapy.


MCOM Students with their Astonishing Campaigns for Graduation Projects!!!


“The Sustainers” whose main goal is to create awareness among students on the 17 Sustainable development goals by sharing daily simple tips and acts that can help people have safer, healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.



Tuesday, 24 May 2022 09:33

Climate Change Awareness Day

The Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University held its marvelous event related to Climate Change Awareness Day.


This event's cause is to support the celebration of the occasion of Egypt’s hosting the climate change conference CPOP27 taking place in November 2022 by raising awareness and to encourage others to be responsible member of the community.


The Faculty of Mass Communication at October University for Modern Science and Arts (MSA University) held a symposium entitled “Artificial intelligence in media and drama” in the presence of a number of experts in this field, including:


- Dr. Ahmed Bahaa, Regional Director of Microsoft

- Dr. Radwa Abdel Latif, an Egyptian journalist, writer and director of strategic planning at the "Artificial Intelligence Journalism" Foundation for Research and Foresight in Dubai, and CEO of “Can Be” for Training and Conferences.

- Mr. Mohamed Tantawy, Founder of “Trend”, which made visual effects for the most important Ramadan dramas 2021 and 2022, including the movie “The Passage” and the series “Newton’s Cradle”, “The Choice”, “Bitlou' Al Rouh”, “In Our House, there is a Robot 2”, “Repentance” and the advertisement of the star Yasmine Abdel Aziz and star Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz for Ramadan 2022.


Tuesday, 29 March 2022 11:13

Star Awards

The Faculty of Mass Communication at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) celebrated the event "Star Awards Competition" Ceremony where the students of the Broadcasting Department of the Faculty participated with their graduation projects that are related to the production of documentary films.


With the presence and honor of Prof. Dr. Nawal El Degwi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MSA University, Ten documentary films were selected to win based on the audiences vote on YouTube Channel, those documentaries received (59 thousand votes) from the 103 documentaries that got published on MSA TV YouTube Channel.


Thursday, 24 March 2022 09:10

Personal branding workshop

Today Faculty of Masscom held an important and trendy workshop for all MSA students ..It was about Personal branding and how to have a successful image in the minds of others.


It opened discussion with the students about how to know the strength of each one to have a unique personal brand.



Tuesday, 22 March 2022 11:21

Dream Is Loading

Within the framework of the keenness of the Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University to hone the talents of its students and connect them to the labor market, a seminar took place for the documentary film "The Dream is Loading", which presented a bright picture of Egypt and won several awards in many local and international awards.


MSA University’s Faculty of Mass Communication Staff members


Congratulations on earning your Microsoft Azure 900 AI certification!


MSA University would like to congratulate and extend its vast appreciation to the Faculty Of Mass Communication Staff Members for completing and passing Microsoft artificial intelligence.


In addition, the university would like to thank you for your keenness in following the framework of continuous advancement related to the latest technology and developments related to artificial intelligence and other fields of study.


Tuesday, 15 March 2022 10:50

Metaverse and Information Warfare

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Amany Fahmy, Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA), a symposium was held on the 14th of March, 2022 under the title of "Metaverse and Information Warfare" where Egyptian national security, psychological processes, their applications and goals and the role of social networking sites in falsifying awareness and manipulating morale were discussed.

Within the framework of the Faculty of Mass Communication’s constant keenness to scientifically raise the level of its students and to follow up their academic progress, the Faculty of Mass Communication celebrated the students who were able to improve their academic levels and raise their cumulative grades in the first semester.


The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Amani Fahmy, honored a number of faculty members, and students’ affairs officials who provided help and student support, as the Dean was keen that the Faculty members and administrators would alwys provide support to all students, enhance and care about their academic and practical training.


In addition, the celebration was attended by Prof. Maha Al-Tarabishi, Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Dr. Yasmine Ahmed, Director of Student Affairs at the Faculty.


MSA is proud to announce four of the Faculty of Mass Communication Assistant Lecturers, Amira Abdel Moniem⁩,Lama Atef,Shrook Ashraf⁩ , and Yasmine Osama⁩, on becoming certified trainers on SDGs, on behalf of The Ministry of Planning & Economic Development & The National Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development.


Dr. Dina Talaat, Lecturer at the Faculty of Mass Communication, and also the Director of the Career Path Unit in the Institute of Governance and Sustainable Development stated: "Be an Ambassador initiative aims to build national capacities in sustainable development, through a series of training courses for various sectors and groups of people, targeting 1000 trainees".



The actual launch of the training programme took place in February 2021, and included several stages. Participants and their commitment are periodically monitored through interactive tests, to make them ambassadors for sustainable development in their societies.


A beneficial seminar on the methods of narration structures documentary movies.


As part of the Faculty of Mass Communication's endeavor to develop students' skills and seek the assistance of experts in the fields of media in a series of events during the month of March, the Faculty hosted director Mrs. Hanan Rady, who gave a scientific seminar on "Methods of Narration in Documentary Movies".


Presentations of the graduation projects of students of Public Relations and Advertising Department have commenced within festive celebrations, that lasted from January 23rd to January 31st 2022. The presentations featured the arbitration of grad 1 projects under the supervision of Dr. Iman Zahra, Dr. Rania Shaaban, Dr. Omnia Zaazou, and Dr. Hayat Badr and the assistance of Ms. Lama Atef, Ms. Rana Rashad, Mrs. Sally Saeed, and Ms. Rokaya Mohamed.


The Faculty of Mass Communication at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) conducted its Journalism Graduation projects discussion (Graduation projects I & II) consecutively under the supervision of Dr. Samar Galal (Grad I) and Dr. Hala El Zahed (Grad II).

The Faculty of Mass Communication at October for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) conducted the graduation projects discussion days (Grad. Projects 1 & 2) over three consecutive days for the broadcasting department. 45 projects and documentaries film projects were shown and evaluated under the supervision of the director Dr. Hala Galal. The films included many important topics, subjective experiences, and human cases that confirm the students' understanding of reality, its problems, and the most important points of distinction or disagreement in the society.

Monday, 10 January 2022 12:13

Congratulations Prof. Dr. Aidy Ali Gomaa

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts - MSA University extends its sincere congratulations to Prof. Dr. Aidy Ali Gomaa, Faculty of Mass Communication, on the occasion of winning the Great Writer’s Prize Ihsan Abdel Quddous in Literary Criticism.


Tuesday, 04 January 2022 14:03

A Field Trip to EL-Nas Hospital for Children

As October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) is always keen to help in permanent development and community participation, the Environment and Community Service Committee at the Faculty of Mass Communication visited Al-Nas Hospital for children in Shubra El-Khaima and was introduced to the latest equipment in the hospital, health facilities and the comprehensive free services provided by the hospital to children and their families.

The faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University celebrated today, a number of its academically distinguished students who obtained the highest GPA among their colleagues over all the departments and levels. The honored students have GPAs ranging from 3.8 to 4.

Wednesday, 22 December 2021 12:01

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Citadel field trip

The 1st year students of the Faculty of Mass Communication who are currently having their World History course had a field trip to Salah Al-Din Al-Ayoubi Citadel in Egypt where they had an informative tour around the citadel to know its history.

The Faculty of Mass Communication at October For Modern Sciences and Arts(MSA University) won the first place in the Documentary Film Competition - Tourism Film Category and the Excellence Award in Advertising at the Arab Media Youth Forum held at Cairo University from the 12th to the 14th of December, 2021.

Tuesday, 07 December 2021 12:21

congratulations to Director Hala Galal

October for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) would love to extend its vast congratulations to Director Hala Galal, a lecturer at the Faculty of Mass Communication, who won the award for the best non-fiction film in the Horizons of Arab Cinema competition, which is one of the official competitions at the 43rd Cairo International Film Festival, under the supervision of the following jury:


MSA University witnesses the 7th annual conference "Health Communication and Digital Media, organized by the faculty of Mass Communication, for two consecutive days. The conference explored different interdeciplinary topics between the media and health resulting some valuable contributions. The Mass Communication 7th annual conference consisted of seven sessions.


October for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) would like to congratulate 7 of their astounding students who got interviewed and tested among 200 students and got selected among 30 students from various Egyptian public and private universities to attend and participate in the training course at the Policy and Business Development Unit that took place at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.


Thursday, 18 November 2021 15:07

Al-Nahar channel field trip

MSA-STC has organised two field trips for Students of faculty of Mass communication.


The student visited Al-Nahar channel at Egyptian Media Production, and the HR director Mr.Mohamed El-Mahalawy and HR Manager Mr.Usama syam have welcomed us warmly.


Tuesday, 16 November 2021 12:21

Dramatic Vision: Media and Health

The Faculty of Mass Communication at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) organized one of the most important symposiums this year that took place on Monday 15th of November, 2021 on MSA Campus grounds at the student service building (SSB).


The successes of the graduation projects of the students of the Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University is an ongoing success which brings us to winning the second prize for the project "خطواتك " and the third place in the documentary films category in the movie -الحصن" the Bulwark” directed by the student Islam Soliman at the Sixth Creativity Festival at El-Shorouk Academy.

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) extends its sincere congratulations to Lecturer Assistants Amira Abdel Moneim, Yasmine Osama, and Shorouk Ashraf at the Faculty of Mass Communication for their honorable representation of MSA University and for passing the professional level of the "Be an Ambassador" initiative launched by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and the National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development.


Tuesday, 21 September 2021 13:09

Faces of Egypt

“Faces of Egypt" brings together ministries and media professionals at MSA campus


The Faculty of Mass Communication celebrated the graduation projects of its students with the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports and the participation of the Minister of Planning and Economic Development and a group of media professionals and experts.

Sunday, 15 August 2021 14:50

"Your space, your place" campaign

Miracles happen to those who set goals and fight for what they love


MSA University participates with the project "Your space, your place" in the ( كويكب مصر ) initiative launched by the Egyptian Space Agency (EgSA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. “كويكب مصر" is a competition among faculties of mass communication in different universities, and they compete through creating a marketing campaign, advertising campaign, or a documentary film aiming to raise awareness about space science and EgSA.


MSA University would like to extend its heartiest congratulations for the students of the Journalism department at the Faculty of Mass Communication for successfully discussing their graduation projects. Our students managed to execute two outstanding magazines; the first entitled ‘ABLAZE’, which is a magazine that aims to be a fresh alternative to typical women’s magazines, represents women who are overlooked in mainstream media and be part of the changing narrative of the feminism in Egypt. This project mainly serves the fifth goal of SDGs which focuses on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.


Monday, 05 July 2021 12:22

Advertising and PR graduation projects

The Faculty of Mass Communication congratulates Advertising and Public Relations students for their Graduation Projects that tackled some of the most important issues in the Egyptian society. Significant topics that discussed cultural, psychological, environmental as well as economic matters are discussed this week at MSA Campus. MCOM students have suggested enlightened solutions and recommendations to contribute to their communities and country.

The topics also serve the agenda for Sustainable Development for peace and prosperity for people and the environment. The projects address more than 7 out of the 17 Goals of Sustainable Development that call for action to responsible consumption and well being and to end exclusion and poverty. The students have impressively recognized these problems and created campaigns strategies to raise awareness and change behavior towards improving health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth.


Monday, 12 April 2021 11:40

Congratulations Omar El Hassan

MSA University would love to congratulate Omar El Hassan a graduate of the Faculty of Mass Communications Class of 2019 for participating in the writing and for being in the representation team of the "Five-Star" Program on MBC Egypt that will be broadcasted next Ramadan. Omar El Hassan began his artistic career in the field of comedic stand in 2014 and as a presenter in Radio Fi Ma'ak, which is considered the most popular online radio program.

Monday, 05 April 2021 12:18

Miral Mahilian

Miral Mahilian, A broadcasting student at the Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University who had a major leading role and a prominent activity in the global ceremony “The Golden parade” that was held on the 3rd of April, 2021 as 22 royal mummies were paraded through the streets of Downtown Cairo.


Wednesday, 24 March 2021 10:38

HCIA- AI professional certificate

MSA University and the Faculty of Mass Communication would love to congratulate one of their distinguished staff members

DR.Hanaa Ahmed Marie

Sunday, 07 March 2021 16:53

Congratulations TA. Eman Sayed Al-Ahl

MSA University and the Faculty of Mass Communication would love to congratulate


TA. Eman Sayed Al-Ahl, Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University for her efforts to contribute to a better future in the society.
Monday, 22 February 2021 10:40

A Step Towards Artificial Intelligence

Within the framework of the celebration of the silver jubilee of the establishment October University for Modern Sciences and Arts- MSA University. In addition to the celebration of 20 years of partnership with the Universities of Bedfordshire and Greenwich, the university takes steady steps with a strategic vision towards the application of artificial intelligence technology and is pleasured to be obtaining the leadership and excellence shield for applications of artificial intelligence in the University’s faculties.


Monday, 22 February 2021 09:45

Advertising and PR Graduation Projects 2021

Discussed and tackled the most prominent and relevant issues in the Egyptian society, MSA University and the Faculty of Mass Communication would love to congratulate the Advertising and Public Relations students for their graduation projects which exceeded all expectations as significant cultural, psychological, environmental, and even economical topics were presented.


Monday, 08 February 2021 12:40

The Diary of a War Correspondent

MSA University and the Faculty of Mass Communication would love to congratulate the graduate Sohaila Mohammed Aly- Broadcasting Department (Class of 2020) and the presenter at MSA University’s Digital Content and Media Production Department- whose documentary and graduation project “The Diary of a War Correspondent” was selected for screening at The Lift-Off Global Network Sessions 2021 Film Festival.

MSA University and the Faculty of Mass Communication, with great pleasure, announce the signing of a cooperation protocol with The International Organization for E-Tourism Industry (IOETI). This cooperation will provide our students, staff members, and graduates with a wide spectrum of comprehensive courses, tracks, and diplomas covering the different aspects of digital marketing with programs perfectly-tailored to their careers.

Sunday, 27 December 2020 11:01

HCIA- AI professional certificates

MSA and the Faculty of Mass Communication would love to congratulate two of its distinguished staff members Mai Magdy and Mary Habib for successfully completing the requirements for Huawei certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and being recognized as Huawei Partners. HCIA- AI professional certificate recognizes its holder as an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020 16:33

Field Trip to Al-Nahar TV Channels

In the frame work of linking the theoretical academic lessons with the professional and practical aspects of the students, MSA-STC organized field trip for Faculty of Mass Communications to Al-Nahar TV channels at Egyptian Media Production City.

Since MSA University has introduced the Artificial intelligence platform to all faculties, the faculty of Mass Communications has passed Huawei Artificial Intelligence exam and became the first in row.

Sunday, 29 November 2020 14:59

Safe Use of Digital Media

The end of the activities and proceedings of the sixth scientific conference of the Faculty of Mass Communication at October University for Modern Sciences and Arts under the title "Safe Use of Digital Media: Ethics and Legislation" under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Egypt Vision 2030 program.

MSA University would love to extend its vast congratulations to the presenter Fatima Ahmed Mohsen (Faculty of Mass Communication, 2018) for winning a seat in the House of Representatives for the North, Central and Southern Upper Egypt constituencies in Minya Governorate.

The Faculty of Mass Communication at Modern Sciences and Arts- MSA University celebrated the graduation of the new batch from 21st to the 28th of September as the class of 2020 presented and discussed their graduation project topics.


Monday, 05 October 2020 08:28

Egypt - A Youthful Vision

As Chris Grosser quoted “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”, and that was what October University for Modern Sciences and Arts - MSA University exactly did despite all circumstances because it is indeed unstopabble


Faculty of Mass Communication, department of Advertising and Public Relations MSA celebrates the graduation projects of four campaigns under the supervision of Dr Rania Shaaban, Dr Hayat Badr, and teaching assistants, Mrs. Sally Saeed and Ms. Mariem Selim;


MSA graduates Othman Badran and Nesma Al Shazly are the new members of the advisory committee for the “Media Ambassadors Initiative" at the Ministry of Information


MSA's talented and amazing students of the Faculty of Mass communication has won 3 places among the 12 finalists in the BUE's first Quarantine Media Festival.


Wednesday, 17 June 2020 14:01

“Hello, Obey Me” Movie

“Hello, Obey Me” for Mass Comm student Amr El Karmy, gets its debut in California, USA in September 2020. This comes within its official selection to be shortlisted for the official competition of the Queen Palm International Film Festival 2020. The movie which also features a number of Mass Comm students; Mohamed Sameeh, Shehab El Hadidi, Enjy Hammad, rose up among other nominations to join the runners up for this prestigious festival that has ascended as one of the most 50 acclaimed art platforms on the international level.


The webinar highlighted on:

  • What is marketing?
  • How to build a brand the right way?
  • How creatively the brand can engage with the audience and how to understand your customers?
  • How the 3C’s (Competent, Communication talent and Consistency) are essential concepts for a marketer, PR practitioner and advertiser
  • Covid-19’s impact on the customers and the organizations
  • Solutions to marketers on how to deal with the uncertainty that Covid-19 caused
Thursday, 20 February 2020 09:58

MSA won at the International shorouk Festival

Faculty of Mass Communication, Department of Public Relations and Advertising MSA University won at the International shorouk Festival for the creations of media students.

Over a period of 4 days the faculty of mass communication holds its graduation projects discussion for part 1 and part 2, where students have presented their ideas and documentaries before a group of reputable panel of practitioners including Director and Head of the cultural and touristic programs at ESC Khaled El Atriby, Director, Hany Samir, Director Akram Farouk, and Director Hala Galal.


Monday, 06 January 2020 11:00

2019 - A year of global achievements

Dr. Nawal El-Degwi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MSA University is feeling proud to congratulate and praise the students and graduates of the university who won prizes and first places in many international competitions, entrepreneurship, tournaments and both local and international sports competitions during the year 2019 ....


Over a period of 4 years the faculty of mass communication holds its graduation projects seminar for part 1 , where students have presented their ideas and documentaries before a group of reputable panel of practitioners including Director Hany Samir, and Director Hala Galal.


MSA University congratulates the Faculty of Mass Communication on obtaining accreditation from the National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation after meeting all the criteria for the quality of the educational and training process and community participation ,,,


The advertising and PR department in faculty of Mass com held the panel discussion for Grad 2 on 12/12/2019.

Sunday, 15 December 2019 09:45

Egypt Air Training

Students of the faculties of Mass Communication & The Faculty of Languages, MSA University at the Egypt Air Training Academy!!

Sunday, 01 December 2019 09:58

Field Trip to Al-Nahar networks & channels

Within the framework of the implementation of the university's plan and vision for linking the curriculum and theoretical sciences to the practical reality, the Summer Training Committee at the University, MSA-STC organized a field visit for the students of the Faculty of Mass Communication for Al-Nahar networks and channels in Egyptian Media Production City

In accordance to MSA’s sincere efforts in fostering support and reinforcement among its freshmen students, the faculty of Mass Communication organized a field trip to the Citadel and Faiths Compound on Saturday, October 12, 2019. Two groups of students comprising fifty-six joined the field trip to experience the historical sites live. The students were escorted by Dr. Hala El Zahed, family leader and their instructor; Dr. Maha El Tarabishi, acting vice dean; Dr. Nihal El Shimy, political science & psychology instructor at MSA along with TA & family leader Ms. Farida El Hakim.


Thursday, 01 August 2019 14:25

The first step for media reformation

MSA’s Mass Communication faculty launches its first step for media reformation In light of MSA’s “Year of Change”, the faculty of Mass Communication held its first step towards presenting new approaches to media education through the “New Trends in media Education” Seminar.

MSA is leading a new initiative to serve the Egyptian community ! After analyzing the needs in the health sector for professional communication skills, the faculty of Mass Communication under the leadership of its Dean, Dr. Ibtessam ElGindi, conducted a training to the nurses of Wadi El-Neel hospital to enhance their communication skills as well as their interaction with patients. .

After a very successful week of hard work, Spring 2019 Bedforshire visit to the Faculty of Mass Communication was very fruitful. Bedfordshire delegation moderated all 400- level Students' submissions in terms of coursework, midterm and final exams The visit also included two staff development sessions to Mass Communication; in addition to a post graduate session with students.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 10:32

Mass Communication Graduation project

Our amazing Mass Communication, TV & Broadcasting & Journalism Majors students showed a wonderful self-confidence, strong personality and new important topics in their graduation projects where it was full of creativity, dedication and innovation.


Tuesday, 07 May 2019 17:14

Advertising & PR Graduation Projects

Days of effort, studying, weeks of rehearsals, preparations and years of Development those are the pillars of success.
For the past 4 years the Faculty of Mass Communication have been establishing those pillars and reinforcing them in the seniors we see today. Determination, Innovation, Creativity and Continuity are what you built on top of the pillars we provided. MSA University is truly proud of you all and we know you are destined for greatness so keep rushing forward in your life.

Thursday, 02 May 2019 18:59

Egypt My Love

A rocking performance and outstanding creativity of the advertising students at their event "Egypt my Love" in the attendance of the following marketing and advertising experts:

What an Amazing photo day for Languages, Management & Mass communication!
You are all special & MSA University is truly proud of what you became in the time you spent around campus creating unique memories single place of the University,

In the spirit of closer relations with African nations, MSA University organized a book fair under the title "Africa Shines" on April 15, 2019. With the support of Professor Dr. Nawal Al-Degwi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of MSA, was a great success hosting a number of diplomatic figures headed by Dr. Inas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, Dr. AlAmine AlDoudou, Ambassador of the State of Chad, and Ambassador Ashraf Rashid.

The Faculty of Mass Communication welcomes a distinguished delegation from The National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation (NAQAAE):

The faculty of mass communication, MSA university organized field trip on March 14th, 2019 for students from the three majors to Al Ahram Online and Al Gomhoria Newspaper.

The faculty of Mass Communication congratulates MSA alumni Karim ElGohary of 2017 for the showing of his movies: "the Last Games" and "Cinematology" at the Hanagar theater of the Egyptian Opera house.

The faculty of Mass Communication congratulates MSA alumni Hossam Khalid Galal of 2017 on the success of the movie "The Guest" in which he worked as the assistant director. The film is directed by Hadi Albaguri and starring some of the top stars including Khaled El Sawy, Shirine Reda, Ahmed Malik, and Jameela Awad and is written by journalist Ibrahim Issa. Mr. Galal is preparing for a new project with the same director and starring superstar Mohamed Ramadan.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 11:44

Advertising & PR Graduation Projects

The Department of Advertising and PR in faculty of Masscom is proudly to announce the achievement of the graduation projects with the following topics:

Monday, 17 December 2018 15:20

Field trip to Al-Masry Al-Youm

The Student of the Faculty of Mass Communicative - Journalism Major invited to a tour at El-Masry El-Youm newspaper in Downtown Cairo.They were greeted by the parliament section's editor, who showed us around all the different departments in the newspaper.

The first day of the fourth annual conference of the Faculty of Mass Communication "ACT" under the title " Media & Family Bonding in the Globalization Era: Diagnosing the current situation & means of Treatment" under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and in cooperation with the Ministries of Social Solidarity and Endowments.

It was a wonderful day as Mr. Hisham Sulaiman Chairman of the DMC Channel Group and Hama Film Production Company,

Monday, 22 October 2018 14:55

STC 5th Field Trip to Al Nahar TV

Summer Training Committee STC organised the fifth trip this semester to Al Nahar TV.

Sunday, 21 October 2018 13:38

MassCom Honouring GPAs Celebration

The faculty of Mass Communication has celebrated yesterday the event of honouring outstanding students with high GPAs by granting them certificates of appreciation in the Presence of their parents, faculty staff and Prof. Ibtessam. A. El Guindi.‎‎

Monday, 08 October 2018 09:52

MSAians Visit DMC channels

MSA students on a practical visit to the DMC channels ‎group in the framework of the fruitful cooperation between the ‎DMC channels group and the University of MSA,‎

Wednesday, 12 September 2018 11:03

Faculty of Mass Communication Orientation Day

"Together we thrive." This is how TV presenter and MSA graduate Lina Tahtawy started here welcome note on Mass Communication faculty orientation day. The day was set to have a selected group of the faculty graduates welcome the new comers, and introduce them to the different sides of the faculty.

Tuesday, 08 May 2018 10:47

Dr. Lamis Gaber at MSA University

Dr. Lamis Gaber’s Reception at MSA’s Faculty of Mass Communication
Within the framework of supporting prosperous interactions between The Faculty of Mass Communication’s students on one hand and supporting the Egyptian intellectual and literary achievements on the other hand, a cultural reception was held on Monday, the 30th of April 2018 at the Faculty of Mass Communication’s hall beneath the headline: “The Power of Youth to Prosper Egypt’s Future”, in honor of Dr. Lamis Gaber accompanied by the faculty’s Teaching Board and numerous esteemed students.

Sunday, 18 March 2018 09:38

MCOM Juhayna Field Trip

The students attended a marketing lecture by the the external communication director Ms Passant Fouad. She talked about how Juhayna is handling competition in the egyptian market and in the foreign one. Also, she talked about some statistics related to the brand loyalty for some international brands in Egypt.

Abdelrahman Hagag has been awarded second place in Al-Shrouk Third Creative Festival that was held from the 11th of March to the 14th of March at the Cairo Opera House.

Saturday, 09 December 2017 10:00

MSA-STC has organized four field trips

MSA-STC has successfully organized this week four field trips to MSA University students in many fields in order to improve students' practical experience. TA. Mai Magdy with 14 students from the Faculty of Mass communication organized a visit to the live studios of Dream Tv station and take a tour in the station to know practically the departments of the station and the operations of broadcasting.

Monday, 13 November 2017 09:19

Workshop by Amr El kahky

Faculty of Mass Communication at MSA in cooperation with ONAIR studios offered Mass Com. students a workshop entitled “News Production” by the famous presenter Amr el Kahky. Amr El kahky has 30 years of experience in journalism and broadcasting fields and is now a well known presenter at Al Nahar channel.

Monday, 09 October 2017 14:57

MSA Graduation Ceremony 2016/2017

Pride and Glory at MSA’s 17th Class Graduation Ceremony. Modern Science and Arts University's graduation ceremony on the 3rd and 4th of October, 2017 combined glare and glory as graduates will be receiving a Greenwich or Bedfordshire degree, alongside the Egyptian one. More than 30 scholarships were awarded for students of Greenwich programme for higher education including: Master degrees and PhD; alongside acceptance letter in their masters programs and partial scholarships. MSA Graduates had undoubtedly taken a leap and had an edge over their peers' counterparts.

Thursday, 14 September 2017 10:24

Faculties Orientation week 2017

MSA University has started the orientation week for the new students with the first faculty, Pharmacy.
The orientation day for the faculty of pharmacy started with a word from Dr. Nawal El Degwi, head of board of trustees, along with a word from Dr Khairy Abdelhamid, President of MSA University and dean of pharmacy.

Sunday, 04 June 2017 09:16

MCOM Graduation Project Presentation

The students of Mass Communication faculty (Advertising & Public Relations department), MSA University presented their graduation projects.

Thursday, 11 May 2017 10:52

National Media Competition

Three students from faculty of Mass Communication at MSA University won the prize for "Best Slogan" at the National Media Competition by the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water.

Sunday, 27 November 2016 15:07

Media for peace conference

Faculty of Mass Communication held the annual Media conference under the title: " Media for peace"

With the help of the training center "MSA-STC", MSA University celebrated the end of the Mass Communication students trainig at el Masry el Youm.
Here are some of the articles published by our students:

Second grade students have joined an applicative training program at Al-Nahar TV Channel in light of an agreement between the channel and MSA-STC. The students did a great job on their tasks that the channel extended the training program for the distinctive students.

Saturday, 08 October 2016 08:31

Aphasia book is sold out

We have posted earlier about our talented writer, Khaled Zidan has published his book "Aphasia", which is his latest novel.