Introduction to Faculty of Pharmacy.

1. Faculty Profile:

MSA Faculty of Pharmacy offers up‐to‐date courses that cover a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences, within the framework of the rules and regulations of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities (ESCU) as well as of our British partner. Programmes include specialized and updated courses in clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, microbiology, biochemistry, behavioural science and management science in addition to courses in English, mathematics and computer science.

These courses are designed according to the international standards of the fast developing discipline in a Validation Agreement to be signed by MSA University and its UK partner. Our validated programmes offer MSA students the opportunity to receive two degrees upon graduation: an Egyptian certificate ratified by ESCU, and a British one granted by our UK partner.

Pharmacy students at MSA University are exposed to the rapidly growing information revolution in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, and are supplied with the latest laboratory equipment worldwide. Huge investments are geared to provide excellence in scientific education.

MSA Faculty of Pharmacy prepares pharmacists to play an active and creative role in their profession. Graduates may take up a career in Clinical Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Drug Industry, Community Services or Pharmaceutical Research.

Faculty of Pharmacy at MSA University is the only faculty of Pharmacy in Egypt that requires a graduation project, which highly qualifies its graduates for the practical field, especially if they intend to join the international workforce.

2. Vision of Faculty of Pharmacy:

The Faculty aspires to attain academic and research excellence and to maintain wide reaching recognition. It also strives to graduate pioneer pharmacists capable of competing in the local, regional and international markets, and to participate in pharmacy professional development and community service.

4. Mission of of Faculty of Pharmacy:

The Faculty of Pharmacy provides scientific and professional education to attain the graduation of a competent pharmacist capable of providing high quality health care services. The high educational quality continuous development of our skilled and committed staff is meant to impact our graduates through emphasizing scientific research, social co-operation and community development.

Students of Faculty of Pharmacy:

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