1. Faculty Profile:

MSA’s Faculty of Mass Communication emphasizes creativity and professional excellence in all fields within the media industry. We provide a pioneering program that transcends local language and culture to promote pluralism and diversity.

Our academic curriculum and practical instruction is comprehensive and rigorous. By the time students graduate, they are fully trained and ready to work as skilled media professionals.

Coupled with a firm foundation in the mass communication field, students are provided with a solid background in ethical, legal, philosophical, political, social and historical principles that enable them to interpret human affairs and communicate intelligently and effectively.


The current three programs of MSA Faculty of Mass Communication are validated by Egypt’s Supreme Council.

Our programs are fully validated by Bedfordshire University. This means that graduates earn two bachelor degrees: one from Egypt and the other from United Kingdom.

MSA Faculty of Mass Communication currently pursues a validation National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) for academic quality.

3. Our Mission:

Educate students to contribute positively to the role of the media in society through their knowledge, cultural awareness, and technical skills.

Encourage students to achieve excellence in both research and academic activities and instill in them professional ethics that distinguishes them throughout their careers.

Enrich students learning experience through cooperation with organizations in the field of mass communication.

Promote students’ involvement in community services.


Our faculty’s quality of education is ensured by the limited number of students admitted to each program. It is also guaranteed by unique learning opportunities provided to each student, our state-of-the-art facilities, real-world experiences and trainings, and most importantly, our leading staff of field experts and practitioners.

Among the great opportunities available to MSA students is the option to attend a summer course abroad. Our faculty also offers internships in major Egyptian and international media organizations operating in Egypt. Additionally, public seminars are hosted featuring top media figures, and field trips are organized to increase exposure to professional fields.

MSA provides its students the opportunity to enhance their talents and skills by working at MSA TV, MSA Radio, and Campus Spirit Magazine.

MSA is equipped with up-to-date technology that enables students to do their work with ease. In addition, an editing room is equipped with MAC Computers specially assigned to broadcasting students.


Students are trained in:

Radio and studio production, which includes digital camera operations, editing, scriptwriting, performance and directing, recording, producing ROSRs and wrap-around.
Field production, which involves Electronic Field Production and Electronic News Production.
Advertising and public relations, which includes developing full campaigns with proper execution.

Students of Faculty of Mass Communication:

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