Introduction to Faculty of Physical Therapy

Faculty Profile:

Faculty of Physical therapy -MSA University, has an academic structure that aspires to raise the students’ academic standards and develop their professional and practical skills. We seek to achieve excellence in the educational and learning process, scientific research and community service activities.


The graduates earn a Bachelor Degree of Physical Therapy after fullfilling 195 credits through academic study plan with one year compulsory internship.


Graduates attributes according to NARS emphasized to achieve commitment of lifelong learning, understanding the legal and ethical considerations of professional practice, working as a member of health care team, providing comprehensive health management practices, acquiring basic management and education skills for patients and caregivers, recognizing the importance of evidence based practices and communicate effectively in written and oral languages in English and Arabic.


The faculty departments are: Basic Sciences, Physical Therapy for internal medicine and Geriatrics, Physical Therapy for Orthopedics, Physical Therapy for Surgery and Woman health, Physical Therapy for Pediatrics, Physical Therapy for Neurology and its Surgery.


The facilities within the faculty of physical therapy includes a variety of 11 exclusive laboratories related to each Scientific department within the field of physical therapy: Biomechanics lab, EMG lab, Cardiopulmonary lab, Motion analysis lab, Electrotherapy lab , balance lab, Neuro-rehab and motor control lab, Hydrotherapy lab, pediatrics rehab lab, Posture assessment lab , Orthotics and Prosthetics lab.


Basic medical sciences are empowered by 5 basic medical labs, well equipped with the latest technology including anatomy museum.


Besides, the lecture halls, class rooms and the practical training rooms to achieve the knowledge and skills of the students.


The teaching facilities and learning resources includes simulation, E-Library resources in addition to the Clinical outpatient clinic and mechano therapy training area with the available units for adult and pediatrics to achieve competent professional training and community service.


The faculty of Physical Therapy, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts will be an outstanding higher education institute and a catalyst for research and community development and will be recognized nationally and internationally.


The faculty of Physical Therapy, October University for Modern Sciences offers an educational program that adopts modern and advanced educational curricula and scientific research as a means of learning and development. The program is delivered through student-centred teaching and learning methods that suit the nature of the current z-generation students and graduate physiotherapists endowed with skills and competencies that enable them to compete in the labour market and serve their community.

  • Student Centred
  • Accountability
  • Credibility
  • Institutional Loyalty
  • Inclusiveness
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Commitment to Quality