Why Languages at MSA

MSA University - REASONS TO JOIN FACULTY OF Languages.

  • Broad yet specialized fields of study: Students, who choose one of the 4 degrees in English Language Studies that are offered by the Faculty of Languages MSA, are also choosing the broadest degrees that allow them a wide range of choices in the job market. In addition, the learning process at the Faculty of Languages prepares students to be specialized in vital areas through optional programmes that address international major professional fields:

    1. Translation.
    2. Executive Skills ( Management & Business Administration Skills).
    3. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).
    4. Comparative Studies ( Literature, Cinema and Theatre).
  • Dual Certificates and the endorsement of UK quality education: The Faculty of Languages MSA is the only validated faculty of its kind in Egypt by a British University, Bedfordshire University in England. In addition, the certificate awarded by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Higher Education is equivalent to the certificate awarded by ‘Faculties of Alsun’ in Egypt. The British validation ensures the endorsement of a high quality education with standards equivalent to the standards of education in UK universities.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities : The Faculty of languages offers a healthy outlet for artistic expression and communal awareness in a safe and wholesome environment where communication skills are encouraged through the interaction of students among themselves, university staff, and above all the outside world. The mission of the Activities unit is to enhance and empower students to be responsible citizens and life-long learners in a changing world. In addition, it reinforces creativity, diversity, involvement, and social commitment.

    • Performance Club.
    • Creative Writing Club.
    • Cinema Club.
    • Community services Club.
    • Writing Centre.
  • Internship to prepare students for a competitive job market: The internship and employment fairs equip students with the necessary skills that are readily transferable into many other situations and professions. English graduates go on into a great variety of careers; some of our recent graduates talk about what their degree meant in the competitive job market as they pursued their career in international corporations and educational institutions.
  • High Tech Facilities provided by MSA university to the students of the Faculty of Languages: The MSA provides language and translation labs that enable students to participate and interact with the educational material especially in their Simultaneous, Consecutive, Media and Subtitling Translation courses . The language labs are prepared in a way that enhances the students’ receptive and communicative skills. In addition, the language labs install the state-of-the art tools designed for education that provides high motivation of students. The instructor is not a supervisor but rather a facilitator who promotes effective interactive communicative classroom policies. The huge e-library offered at the MSA supplies the demands raised by the rapid advances in information technologies. Technology of an e-library offers great advantages to both teachers and students. Both can access the new information and communication technologies quickly and easily. The MSA e-library supports multimedia content along with text which makes material more appealing to students. In addition, it promotes efficient delivery of information to all users and the co-operative efforts in research resource, computing and communication networks.
  • Motivated Staff and British Moderators The motivated staff of the Faculty of Languages is aware that good education promises great possibilities, and that old traditional fields of study should be changing and developing. The staff therefore focuses on inspiration, talents, and new ideas. To ensure our high standards, all our exams and assessments are moderated by British partners at Bedfordshire University. This does not only guarantee quality, but also contributes to the round- character students that graduate from the Faculty of Languages, MSA.
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