Program Aims:

The aim of the BSc degree in Architectural Engineering is to provide a coherent multi-disciplinary programme of study which offers a thorough grounding in Architectural Engineering. The programme develops the student’s ability to reconcile divergent factors and integrate domains of knowledge in the articulation of an architectural proposition. It equips the student with the tools necessary to design projects of substantial complexity, and to integrate to a professional level advanced technical and environmental knowledge in the resolution of such projects. Because of its’ inter disciplinary nature, the degree will allow the student the flexibility to take up a range of different careers across the architectural profession and the construction job market whether in an architectural firm or a construction/contracting company. The careers range from an architectural designer, to a working drawings/construction document producer or CAD operator, to a site supervisor/engineer. Graduates could as well undertake further training or study to develop their expertise in related fields such as construction management, landscape architecture, urban planning or design, and interior design.

Welcome from the Department's program leader:

Prof. Dr. Omar Fawzy - Head of Architecture DepartmentOn behalf of the Architectural Department, I welcome you all, returning students and newcomers, to a new semester at MSA. For those who have recently joined us, you have made a wise decision by choosing the Architectural Department at MSA. Our reputation as a department is excellent, and we try hard to preserve this good reputation. Your fellow students have won several national and international design competitions throughout the years. We expect you to do the same! Our mission has always been excellence in teaching. In order to achieve that, we always strive to maintain our high standards by being selective in our staff, full timers and part-timers. The curriculum and courses are designed to encourage confidence and curiosity- vital traits that will hopefully translate into a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. We aspire to instill a standard of excellence that will ultimately insure that you succeed not only in school, but also in your future careers as architects and designers. Most of our graduates are gainfully employed in some of the best architectural firms in Egypt. Others have started their own private practice. Hopefully, you will be able to do the same. I look forward to meeting you. My door is always open if you have any queries or concerns.
Dr. Omar Fawzy.
Program Leader.
MSA University.

An Overview of the Program:

The program includes a number of courses and each course has a specific weight in credit hours

  • On average, each course has a weight of 3 credit hours.
  • In addition to the first year as being a general year to all programs, the advancement through the program courses is distributed progressively throughout the four-year plan.
  • Students cannot register for a course unless the course’s prerequisites are met.
  • In order for a student to graduate from the program, he/she has to successfully complete all the required courses for this program plus the general year, with a total of 168 credit hours.
  • Students can complete all required credit hours over a minimum of 4 years when enrolled for 2 semesters each year, Fall and Spring. The Summer semester is optional and offered for a limited number of courses. your social media marketing partner