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The Faculty of Engineering at MSA University aims to promote each student’s capacity, ability, creativity and imagination when approaching future engineering problems. They also aim to increase the students understanding, awareness and appreciation of the social impact of technology. This will help orient future engineers to lead successful and professional careers worldwide. The Engineering programs seek to provide all students with the skills and tools that would facilitate faster advancement into management positions. This is mostly accomplished by:

  • Blending rigorous foundation in Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Engineering Fundamentals, and Systems Engineering in various disciplines.
  • Effectively using computers in communication, computation and design.
  • Understanding the uncertainties involved in engineering systems by utilizing probability, statistical, and stochastic techniques.
  • Working in broad multi-disciplinary team environments.
  • Broadening students' horizons through the study of social sciences and humanities.
  • Exposing students to man/machine systems, which will result in quick advancement into management positions.

English is the medium of instruction at MSA University.

MSA aims to encourage students to improve their abilities and make use of their unique areas of strength. MSA selects a limited number of students to be accepted in the Faculty of Engineering to guarantee a challenging learning environment in which students develop their analytical skills and creative abilities.

MSA Engineering disciplines provide unique advantages amongst which are the following:

  • The most up-to-date curricula in various disciplines.
  • Emphasis on computers, Internet, scientific trips, mini-projects and educational videos throughout most engineering courses.
  • Availability of modern laboratories to perform various experiments.
  • An optimum educational environment, facilitated by a low student-to-teacher ratio, which results in a good relationship between students and their instructors and assistants.
  • Available connections and opportunities with British and American Universities.
  • Use of international scientific English textbooks.
  • Access to a top quality staff, all of which have experience in applying state-of-the-art learning and teaching methods as well as experience in the real-world.
  • The validation by University of Greenwich for MSA Engineering programs provides our students with the opportunity to receive a British B.Sc. degree in their disciplines.


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