Co-operations & Protocols

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  • Sunday, 23 December 2018 11:38

MSA University - Center of Excellence

MSA Center of excellence is seeking to build partnership with most governmental and the private Entities to facilitate the Corporation for multi displanry projects.

Ministry of Agriculture:

• MSA center of Excellence cooperation with the ministry of Agriculture in different projects
• Red Palm Weevils Detection and Treatment
• Agriculture Weather Stations and Meteorological Network
• Precise Irrigation System
• Precise Ferttigation System

Ministry of Environment:

• Automatic Waste Management System
• Environmental Weather Stations
• Factories Remnants Monitoring System on River Nile
• Factories Air Pollution Monitoring System

Ministry of Aviation:

• Airport Weather Stations and Meteorological Network
• Radiosonde System for measuring upper Layer Parameters
• Airport Security and Tracking System
• Ground Equipment’s and Airport Facilities

Ministry of Irrigation:

• Weather Stations and Meteorological Network
• Underground Water Management System
• Monitoring Network for Water Level, Water Flow
• Water Quality in Lakes and River.

Water research Center:

• Water quality monitoring systems
• Maintenance for the centralized stations in the sub Affiliates for the center your social media marketing partner