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  • Sunday, 23 December 2018 10:46

MSA University - Center of Excellence for Projects and Entrepreneurship

Funded Projects Office

Entrepreneurship Office


As The main concern of MSA by the innovation and Directing the applied researches to satisfy the community needs to enrich and support the Egyptian Technology, under the supervision of Dr Nawal Eldegwy , MSA center of Excellence has co-founded in july 2018 to be the Bridge that links the researches and the Industrial Field.


Improve Research Activities and Establish Bridges between the Research Groups and Applied Domains in order to support the needs of the community and the national projects for advanced technological projects.


1. Establish research groups/teams from different departments and/or different faculties.
2. Build partnership with applied domains such as industry, agriculture, medical, …etc.
3. Address integrated multi-disciplinary projects that support community and national needs.
4. Promote Entrepreneurship
5. Helping The students to apply their researches in the market and Graduation projects support to serve the community needs .
6. Improve the quality of the graduation projects
7. Participate in innovation fairs and competitions.
8. Organize technical and scientific seminars, workshops and conferences.
9. Publish distinguished research papers in reputable Journals and Conferences.
10. Finalize Master Degree Programs.


- Faculty of Engineering
- Faculty of Computer science
- Faculty of Biotechnology
- Faculty of pharmacy
- Faculty of Dentist
- Faculty of Arts and Designs
- Faculty of Management
- Faculty of language