Enactus Committees

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  • Tuesday, 04 December 2018 14:54

Enactus - Committees

Presentation Committee:

The committee in charge of representing enactusMSA at the national and final competition. They are also in charge of hosting any event carried out throughout the year.

Project Management Committee:

The committee responsible for projects from the beginning to the end which includes brainstorming for ideas, risk assessment, planning, initiating, executing, maintaining and sustaining the projects. The project management committee is the one accountable for the failure or success of projects, and meeting the specific criteria set in a specific time. Project management is divided into two teams: Both teams combine forces to deliver the projects correctly. • Implementation Team: This team is responsible for the physical work of project management, the execution and maintenance phase mainly, along with the brainstorming and plan settings.
• Research and Development Team (The R&D): This team is responsible for everything related to research and innovation, finding new ways and methods to make the implementation team’s job easier. They also support the implementation team with information they need.

Human Resources Committee:

Human Resources is the committee that helps members at other committees in many ways. They set the rules, evaluate the performance of each individual Enactus MSA member and provide the other committees with the trainings they need. • Training team: The team responsible for giving other committees trainings in different fields to improve their skills and overall performance.
• Recruitment team: The team responsible for interviewing new members during the recruitment period.
• Evaluation team: The team that evaluates each individual member and follows up with their tasks and attendance.

Multimedia Committee:

The committee responsible for documenting our work visually, creating videos and designs and creating the presentation video for the national competition. • Photography & Videography team: Responsible for coverage and visual documentation of Enactus’ projects & production of purposeful videos that deliver messages in a high quality and easily digested format. Members are to cover all Enactus’s events. They are responsible for brainstorming (with editing committee), planning and shooting of the videos.
• Video Editing Team: Responsible for editing all material recorded by videography team. Also Responsible for brainstorming for ideas, recording them and editing them.
• Graphic Designing team: The design all the publications (Flyers, T-shirts, nametags…) and provide help in any required design by other committees.

External Relations Committee:

The committee the deals with any other third parties that we need to contact. They represent the face of enactusMSA on and off campus. They also have the responsibility of fundraising to provide us with the money needed to implement our projects. • Fundraising Team: They are responsible for getting us fund by dealing with sponsors and getting us beneficial deals.
• Public Relations Team: They are responsible for our image and the information that spreads around about us.

Marketing and Events Committee:

The committee responsible for coming up with and organizing new events. They are also responsible for marketing our projects, events and products on and off campus. • Marketing Team: They come up with the campaigns and do the research necessary for those campaigns.
• Events and Logistics Team: They come up with and organize any event we’re holding

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