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Note: MSA University has the right to change the admission rules and regulations according to the internal policies of the university with the coordination and approval of the Ministry of Higher Education.

MSA University - Newcomer Admission

Minimum scores for applying to MSA University 2020/2021 in accordance to the Egyptian Ministry for Higher Education - الحد الأدنى للتقديم بالجامعة طبقا لقرار وزارة التعليم العالي (وليس القبول النهائي بالكلية)

MSA University - Minimum Score for Admission 2020-2021

Tuition Fees 2020-2021

MSA University - Tuition Fees 2020-2021

1. Tuition Fees 2020-2021 Important Notes:
  • New Applicants (Egyptians & Foreigners) must pay ONLY after receiving a payment order "Offer letter" from the university (Admission office).
  • New Applicants (Egyptians & Foreigners) must pay tuition fees on campus ONLY.
  • Non-Egyptians must pay their fees in Dollars, through our NBE (National Bank of Egypt - البنك الأهلى المصرى) account ONLY "On Campus".( Account Number: 1823060351711000017 American Dollar).
  • Tuition fees are subject to an annual increase of 7%.
  • Fourth and fifth year Dentistry students will be charged EGP 500 per semester (Outpatient clinics).
  • For Non-Egyptian tuition fees, Click here .
2. Refund Amounts & Dates for Tuition Fees (Partial refund only):
  • 80% Until 21th September​ 2020  (* Refunds are issued by a cheque after 14th of October 2020)
  • 60% from 22th of September until 7th of October 2020  (* Refunds are issued by a cheque after 28th of October 2020)
  • No refunds after the 8th of October 2020
  • No refund for the second semester new applicants.

2.1 There is NO REFUND for:

  • Application Fees.
  • Bus fees after first day of classes.
  • Validation fees after first day of classes.


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Important Admission Procedures:

You may choose to begin your admission procedures by attempting any of the following:

  • English Language Admission Test
  • Parents’ Involvement Program.
  • Reserve the Capacity exam for arts & design
  • After completing all the previous steps, head to the university's campus to give the official documents and certificates to the admission office
Dear applicants,

Visit our MSA October Campus and set for your exam anytime, Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Kindly note that all exam sessions are to be reserved earlier to the chosen day.

After Paying the Admission Fees, You should complete ALL of the above mentioned steps, As the admissions office cannot proceed with your application unless you complete all these steps. To make an appointment for any of the admission procedures, please click on the following link to check the calendar and reserve the convenient sessions:



Reserve Now Your Appointment



Apply Now for Admission

دفع مصروفات التقديم عن طريق فوري - Pay by Fawry
بامكان الطالب التوجه الي اي مكان به خدمة فوري وتبليغ صاحب المكان بالدفع لرقم العملية (الذي تم ارساله للطالب عن طريق الموبايل او الايميل المسجل ) في حساب Fawry Pay أو كود خدمة رقم 788
بعد عملية الدفع، يستلم الطالب ايصال مدون به مبلغ رسوم التقديم 500 جنية مصرى لصالح حساب جامعة اكتوبر للعلوم الحديثة والآداب - مكتب القبول.
ملاحظات هامة:
1: يجب دفع مصروفات التقديم خلال ٤٨ ساعة، اذا تخطى الطالب المدة، يجب ان يحصل على رقم عملية دفع اخرى.
2: للطلبة الراغبين فى الإلتحاق بكلية الفنون والتصميم : يتم دفع مبلغ 1000 جنية مصرى رسوم الإشتراك فى الدورة التدريبية وأداء إمتحان القدرات الفنية.

- The Student could visit any place offering Fawry service and ask the person in charge to pay for the payment number (which was sent to the student on his registered mobile number or email address) in an account named Fawry Pay or the service code 788
- Once the payment is done the student will receive a receipt with the amount of application fees 500 EGP for October University for Modern Sciences and Arts, Admissions Office.

Note: There is 1000 EGP fees for enrolling into the capacity training and test for the Faculty of Arts & Design

- Note: The application fee must be paid within 48 hours. If the student exceeds the period, he / she must obtain another payment number


MSA University - Tuition Fees 2018 - 2019

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