Dr. Mostafa Aly

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Dr. Mostafa Aly

MSA University would like to extend it’s heartily congratulations to Dr Mostafa Emberaz, Faculty of Engineering, Communication and Electronics Department, for achieving his PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. He earned his scholarship PhD degree in “Integrated filtering Antennas for Wireless Application”, with full satisfaction from the viva examination panel in April 2020. Dr Embaraz was granted a scholarship to study towards his PhD, as part of the collaboration between MSA University and University of Greenwich.


Dr Emberaz, earned his MSc scholarship degree in wireless mobile communications systems engineering from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. He also received a Dual BSc degree in electrical engineering from October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) University & University of Greenwich, Egypt. July 2008.


He published three research papers during his PhD journey; a conference paper: “A Wideband Circularly Polarised Cross-Slot Antenna with an L-Shaped Feed-Line” at the LAPC, in November 2017. A journal paper: “Bandwidth Enhancement of a Circularly Polarised Slot GNSS Antenna using an Integrated Filter-Antenna Approach” at the Institution of Engineering and Technology Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation Journal, in May 2019. A letter: “A Ku-band Filtering Duplex Antenna for Satellite Communications” at the Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, in September 2019.


MSA is keen to encourage the research skills of its students and graduates and wishes them a successful and prosperous career.


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