Stock Simulation Model At MSA university

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Stock Simulation Model At MSA university

The faculty of management sciences at MSA university held the event of the debentures markets model for the current year 2016 on 12, 13, 14th of May.

This event was organized by the students of the faculty of management sciences. Up to 300 students of different university faculties such as management , dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, mass communication, biotechnology and arts and designation participated in this event, in order to orient students of financial market. Deserving to be mentioned, that the organization of Stock simulation model is considered as a part of university strategy in order to spread the financial awareness among its students and to encourage the culture of investment in financial market among them. Such an event is aiding in the display of young pioneers have the sufficient knowledge of financial market and own the motivation to enhance their financial culture. The simulation program is separated to two stages. First stage is represented in a theoretical frame proposed by specialized experts to draw a mind image about essential and technical analysis, investment windows and the mechanics of Stock operations in a general way. One of the most important benefits and rewards of this program is the attendance of elite of experts who are greatly famous and are witnessed of technical profession in financial market. They directed students in seminars and lectures trying to pass to them some of their experiences and showing the vital role played by financial market in enhancing the economic state. The program for that year has been honored by the presence of the current minister of works sector and the professor of accounting at Cairo University Dr. Ashraf Elsharkawy, Dr. Islam Azzam, the professor of firms financing, investment analysis, international financing at the American University and the financial advisory for the president of duty free regions and investment. Also, the program for this year has been honored by the presence of the mandatory agent of Pioneers companies for the investment windows and the member of managing council of the Egyptian party of financial market development Dr. Mohsen Adel Helmi. While the second stage of the simulation is represented in dividing the students into groups. Each of them represented the role of participants in financial market. Dr. Nawal El Degwi represented her deep appreciation and her great pride of those youth who organized the event. Thus it showed the possibility of dependence of them in taking responsibility and doing their best to establish a shining future for our Egypt.

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