Pharmacy is Aknowledged Internationally

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Pharmacy is Aknowledged Internationally

A group of 18 exceptional senior pharmacy students, headed by Dr. Hisham Salem, the Vice Dean of Pharmacy, represented MSA University in the ‘Pharmaceutical Science & Green Chemistry in Turkey’. The conference targeted new methods of analysis for new drugs. Our students gave 9 presentations about their new analytical methods findings in various pharmaceutical fields.

Professors from all over the world, praised our students for their performance, especially the Turkish Cultural Attaché, who thought our students were teaching assistants, and commented about their knowledge, skills and confidence. It is noteworthy that they were the only undergraduate students in the conference. This trip to Turkey was preceded by a conference trip to Malaysia, and Tunisia, as MSA University is always keen on exposing our students and graduates to diverse practical research fields. On a different note, Omar Tarek , a faculty of pharmacy graduate and a teaching assistant at MSA University has been awarded a 3 years Vice Chancellor studentship, a highly prestigious scholarship awarded from University Of Greenwich, Great Britain, to pursue his PhD. All the candidates for this program were interviewed by a panel of researchers and scholars. Omar was chosen from among other colleagues for his high academic performance and his achievements in his Master’s degree thesis. The PhD studies will take place at University of Greenwich labs, in coordination with partner labs in Oxford, UK and Grenople, France. your social media marketing partner

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