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Packaging of the World (POTW) website

MSA University congratulates the Faculty of Arts & Design and our talented students, Nesrin Mohamed and Rana Ashraf Graphic and Media Arts department who succeeded in publishing their projects in the Packaging of the World (POTW) website, which is one of the leading packaging design website in the World.


Under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Attia, T.A Menna Zakaria and T.A Shaimaa Elsherbeny, Nesrin Mohamed’s project was in packaging design of Bank Al-Haz while Rana Ashraf’s project was in packaging design of Avanti On-The-Go


Bank Al-Haz is a board game. It’s the Arabic version of Monopoly that was designed and developed in 1904 by Elizabeth Magi. It was made in Egypt by «NILCO» in the late 60s and spread widely in the 80s and 90s which the whole family could play with the purpose of spreading happiness and compassion towards practising clean commerce.


According to Nesrin’s new packaging design, its uniqueness lies in designing a new sustainable package with minimalist features in the form and the materials such as that the new package design is in the form of money pouch, sustainable and with recyclable materials (Textile).


Also, it is eco-Friendly and easy to clean, portable and light weighted. The circular board design make it easier for more people to join the game and ease their connection.


While Rana had a new idea and a new edition of Avanti spread cheese, which is called “on-the-go!”. The cheese is packed in a tube to let the customers enjoy preparing a cheese sandwich quicker and easier, the cheese comes in 3 different flavours “cheddar, olive and jalapeño”. What is unique about it is that it has Lighter weight, it takes up little space, it is easy for the children to use. Moreover, customers can take it with them anywhere and it will save the time and effort to prepare sandwiches


To view their packaging design projects:


Bank El Haz


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