MSAian Tours Egypt on 2 Wheels

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MSAian Tours Egypt on 2 Wheels

Egypt on Two Wheels Driven by Mass Com Adventurer Galal Z. Chatila

MSA Mass Com student of Broadcasting Department sophomore showed his inherent talent and ability to venture solely in the Egyptian deserts on a bike. Actually he started cycling back when he was 15 and he also lead many scout trips with the school until it became his favourite profession. At age of 17 he went to Ein Al Sokhna on his own right when the revolution was on fire and people were afraid from the thugs that used to cut the desert roads. At age of 18 he broke his own impossible, following the saying," Never say never, by venturing from Cairo to Nuweibaa 450 km on his bike solo. Then at age of 19, he went to cycle around the Western Desert of our dear beloved country 1650 km in 19 days. Galal didn't consider himself an athlete; he would rather categorize what he did under the adventure theme than sports. It happened that he also climbed mountains, and he had been climbing high peaks for quite a long time. Last peak ascended was Mountain Toubkal, the highest of North Africa and the Sahara.

Galal Zekri Chatilla is going to embark on a 4 months expedition around Egypt to show people how awesome our country really is, and encourage them to travel throughout its Desert Mountains as well as cities to discover its hidden treasures. He really believed that our country has a lot to offer us than a chaotic cosmopolitan Cairo. There is a lot out there in the Egyptian Nature, also the goodness and simplicity of the Egyptian people, the ones who were affected by the purity of Nature which played a great deal and was reflected on their generous and forgiving disposition. Desert dwellers hosted him in their homes, and offered him all facilities to complete his tour on a bike with two wheels only, successfully..

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