MSA Launches the First Clinical Pharmacy Conference

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MSA Launches the First Clinical Pharmacy Conference

MSA's Clinical Pharmacy, Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy, hosted the first Scientific 'Clinical Pharmacy' conference which was attended by an enormous number of renowned professors in the fields of Medical and Clinical pharmacy and delivered several lectures about the importance of Clinical Pharmacy and its fields of application in Egypt. Dr Nawal El Degwi the Head of the Board of Trustees as well as Professor Dr. Khairy Abdel Hamid, Professor Dr. Seif El Din Ashour - Dean of Pharmacy Faculty, Dr Manal Al Hamamsy - Vice President of Clinical Pharmacy Department and conference moderator welcomed all the attendees.

Dr. Mohsen Abdel Alim, represented Ministry of Health as head of Central Administration for Pharmacy Affairs. Dr Mahmoud Mahday, the Hospitals' Pharmacies Director in Ministry of Health also attended the conference. Dr Nermin Sabry, assistant professor of Clinical Pharmacy at Cairo University, delivered a lecture in the conference which mainly revolved around the role of the Clinical Pharmacist and how to render extensive care to the patients inside hospitals. She also addressed the evasion of medical errors.

Professors ran a comparison between the most advanced methods of Clinical Pharmacy education in Japan, United Kingdom, China, Thailand and the United States of America, as they stressed altering and adapting new techniques to suit and match the needs of patients in the hospitals. The lecturers stressed the importance of working as one team when it comes to doctors, pharmacists and nurses, which impact the treatment of patients positively inside hospitals. Professor,

Dr. Mohamed Sharaf El Din, the liver and gastronomy professor in Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, stressed in his recent researches that drug interaction occurs in 7% of the patients who take between 5:6 tablets a day, including the antibiotics specifically, which in turn increases the side effect and toxicities of medicines which affects patients' condition negatively. The survey showed also that only 1% of patients react positively to drug interaction which helps in healing. In an outstanding survey administered by the National American Institute of Patients Safety, it revealed the causes of most common medical errors when it comes to drugs interaction. They stated the importance to be alert, monitor and evaluate the fatal reaction to be able to intervene in the right time and decrease the bad side effects from 24% to only 3%.

The Pharmacists threw light on rational uses and handling of drugs and medicines. They also matched costs against effectiveness in hospitals or in the Medical Insurance Systems' use of medicines to get better results with the least possible cost. Under a title of "A Vision of Pharmaceutical Industry in Egypt", Dr Sherif Rashad concluded the conference, as he dealt with the relation between good health and medicine's development. The results following the wake of this conference were overwhelming, Dr Manal Al Hamamsy was chosen to represent MSA University in New Orleans, USA at the 18th International Conference of Researches connected with Health Care and Economized Treatment which was targeted to increase the participants to 3000 researchers from around the world, in order to exchange ideas and improve treatment. your social media marketing partner

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