Mind-winding Biotechnology Exhibit for Graduation Projects

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Mind-winding Biotechnology Exhibit for Graduation Projects

Earlier this week, the Faculty of Biotechnology held its graduation project discussions in the attendance of almost 20 external examiners that were hosted by MSA to review and discuss the students’ graduation projects. After the discussions were over, Cell Safe Cord Blood Bank surprised everyone with the amazing news that 4 students have been chosen to join the company and will start working there after a SIX-MONTH TRAINING IN SWITZERLAND. Cell Safe Cord Blood Bank is a global stem cell bank with cutting edge technology and research facilities.

The examiners included Professor Sherif Naseh Amin (CEO of Cell Safe Cord Blood Bank) and Professor Hisham Issa (GM of Cell Safe Cord Blood Bank) who both praised MSA’s Faculty of Biotechnology and testified that most of their employees are MSA graduates as they graduate with sufficient knowledge and experience to tackle real-life challenges and creatively find solutions to epic problems. Other guests included Professor Abdel Rahman Badr El Din (Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University), Dr. Yasser Attia (LASER Institute, Cairo University) and Dr. Mohie El Din Hasanen (National Research Centre). The projects tackled historical problems that haven’t yet been solved with modern science. One of the most intriguing was Riham Abdallah’s successful attempt to cure paralysis by taking DNA from the patient’s mother’s placenta and using it to treat their case, while another project looked to treat knee arthritis by injecting stem cells extracted from Wharton’s jelly. After the discussions were over, the faculty held a celebration for the students and staff to celebrate the valediction of another group of highly qualified personnel into the real world. During the festivity, the graduating students surprised the staff by taking the opportunity to honour their staff by awarding them different titles, the professors and TA’s were extremely moved by the love and respect shown by the students. After they were done, the students were shocked to find the staff returning the favour by honouring the students with similar titles. It was an extremely emotional moment as both staff and students realized how much they loved and respected each other, they bid each other farewell and hoped that they would meet again in the future either for work or pleasure. A successful semester was had by the students and staff alike, MSAU is very proud of all of you and we wish you the best of luck in your future.

Awards granted to the Professors:

Professor of the Year – Dr. Osama Hassan Saad

Most Inspirational – Dr. Ayman Diab

Most Creative – Dr. Gehan Safwat

Most Helpful – Dr. Ahmed Nada

Kindest – Dr. Ibrahim Tahsin

Most Likely to Save the World – Dr. Ali Diab

Awards granted to the TA’s:

TA of the Year – Aicha Massrali

Most Talented – Rima Akid

Best Personality – Suzan Ali

Funniest – Ali Mekki

Kindest – Arwa Kohela

Most Helpful – Amgad Rady

Friendliest – Abdel Aziz Nasr

Most Likely to Win a Noble Prize – Mirna Khater

Most Inspiring – Shaza Ahmed

Awards granted to the students:

Hardest Worker – Riham Abdullah

Most Likely to succeed – Ahmed Mabrouk

Best Personality – Heba Hisham

Most Popular – Omar Nowar

Most Creative – Menna Ahmed

Most Helpful – Mirna Hany

Kindest – Baheya Amr

Most Attractive – Menna Asfoury

Funniest – Moatassem

Most Sarcastic – Shorouk el Tokhy

Cutest – Sarah Rageh

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