Graduation Projects 2022 Cinema and Theatre

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Graduation Projects 2022 Cinema and Theatre

In the Cinema and Theatre Production and Set Design department students learn to choose, analyze, adapt, interpret and visualize various novels which cover different genres in order to put a complete vision to cinematic and theatrical productions. The Graduation Projects of Class 2022 were both SDGs and Egypt's Vision 2030 oriented. The students tackled issues and ideas of great importance and impact in society.


The Cinematic Adaptations covered the issues of Well Being, Gender Inequality, Peace, Justice, Cultural Heritage, Identity, Social Inclusion of Disability and Discrimination. Mark Haddon's "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time", Shereen Fathy amazingly visualized how an autistic child perceives the world around him (SDGs 3,10), Shereen benefited greatly from the late Eng.Ahmed Helmy's (Head of Chamber of Woodworking & Furniture Industry) initiative to support Autism. In "Holes in the Black Cloth" by Ehsan Abd-Elkodous, Yasmin El-Gebaly interpreted Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and how it causes dispersion to individuals (SDGs 3,10).


In "Les Misérables," by Victor Hugo, Eman Hendy depicts the most relevant themes related to human dignity representing the rise from darkness to a bright future through the French Revolution (SDG 16).


Through "Psycho" by Robert Bloch, Aisha Nabil showed how child abuse can affect a child's future life (SDG 16). Omar Hegazy's "The Bird’s Nest" by Shirley Locker focused on feminine rights in post-war America (SDG 5).


In "Aphasia" by Khaled Zidan (Staff member in the Faculty of Language, MSA), Basma Al-Kasrawy visualized how lack of self expression can lead to problems, and how circumstances control destiny in a beyond perception means. In "13 Reasons Why" by Jay Asher, Nada Haitham investigated youth problems that lead to suicidal actions that are widely spread amongst youth (SDGs 3,5). Maysoun showed how domestic violence makes victims suffer through "It Ends with Us" by Coleen Hover (SDGs 5,16). Two projects adopted cultural and regional issues; In "The Last Days of Earth" by Khaled El-Mahdi, Seif Adel navigates the journey of Al Dajjal’s 40 days of domination and control on earth, followed by a crescendo when Jesus Christ (PBUH) descends to kill Al Dajjal. Seif's vision to the topic is regionally oriented to give a different perspective other than Hollywood's (SDG11). Also in "Fady's Shoes" by Youssef Ladmouky, Maya ElZarw, who is originally Palestinian, presents the Palestinian issue and how the Palestinians have been displaced from their land and homes for ages by the Zionists (SDGs 11,16).


The Theatrical Adaptations were equally SDGs/ Egypt 2030 relevant; in the science fiction novel "Deer Hunting Season" by Ahmed Murad, Mariam Gaber proposed societal and humanitarian assumptions concerning social relations which are technologized enough to create unbreakable distances between humans.


Hala Mwafaq's "Between Palaces" by Naguib Mahfouz investigated the social environment in 1919 revolution historical context. Hala focused on the idea of oppression and control (SDG16).


"What Rihana didn’t tell" novel by Adham Al-Aboudy was adapted by Reham El-Labban to show the struggle of lots of women who suffers rape, harassment and torture in Iranian prisons (SDGs 5,16). In "The Seven Days of Man" by Abdel-Hakim Kassem, Fayrouz El-Taweela revived the practices of cultural rituals of "Al-Mulid", in which she takes the journey of the seven days of evolution of the human soul (SDG 11).


And to save the best for last; Salma El-Araby introduced the first Shadow Theatre project in MSA "Aladdin and The Magic Shirt", raising children's awareness of how rich the Arab civilization is, and how our heritage has a lot to offer in all fields of life (SDGs 4,11).

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