Biotechnology International Conference

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Biotechnology International Conference

MSA University has witnessed the first international conference for the biotechnology applications in which three hundred and fifty scientists and researchers have shown up from all over the world. Scientists and researchers have presented the latest researches concerning the biotechnology field.

However, all the unique science researches have been discussed through several meetings that were held under the supervision of MSA. MSA University Faculty of Biotechnology is unique in its kind both nationally and in the Middle East region. MSA University offers its student a British Bachelor degree in biotechnology as well as the Egyptian bachelor degree. Presented researches, development across bio industries covering medical, diagnostic, therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, food processing, and manufacturing waste management and sustainable development. Dr. Nawal Eldegwi, the head of board of trustees has declared that this conference is considered a boom for serving the society by making it acquainted with the latest development in science and different fields of biotechnology. She added that this conference is a good opportunity to gather all Egyptian scientists head by Dr. Ibrahim Badran. Dr. Khairi Abdel Hameed, the president of MSA University has stated that this conference was the outcome of mutual cooperation between MSA University and the British Universities in the different educational fields. Dr.Ayman Diab, the dean of Faculty of Biotechnology stated that the conference has reviewed several researches that represent new scientific inventions that will be the focal point of the international scientific conferences in the future concerning terminal diseases such as cancer, increasing the agriculture production in addition to the environmental and agricultural biotechnology. Dr. Marsh Snadan, the vice president of post graduates of Greenwich University has been impressed by the higher marked science level of this conference. your social media marketing partner

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