Dentistry Post Graduates Studies

Note: MSA University has the right to change the admission rules and regulations according to the internal policies of the university with the coordination and approval of the Ministry of Higher Education.

MSA University - 1st Master’s Degree in restorative Dentistry.  

Congratulations Dentists, you can now apply at MSA’s Master’s program in Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry. This program is the 1st Master’s Program offered by any private faculty of Dentistry in Egypt. The program is fully recognized in Egypt and is an amazing opportunity for you to further your career. This discipline involves the use of new materials and technology in Operative Dentistry, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Endodontics and Dental Materials. The program will require full-time hard work in all the disciplines in order to give candidates the necessary experience required. MSA University was encouraged to start its graduate studies with this program as our Faculty of Dentistry is a superbly staffed and technologically equipped with state–of–the–art research and treatment technology. Modern dental research and practice covers topics at the forefront of basic and clinical science. The Dental School at MSA is a leading center of excellence for teaching and research with an internationally renowned faculty reputation for research and academics We offer programs that lead to specialist registration, extended master’s programs that give the graduate specialist skills in clinical dentistry. All the programs offer friendly small group teaching. Our Master Degree in restorative and Esthetic Dentistry is a 36-months graduate degree. The first year establishes the basics for sound treatment decision-making, clinical practice and patient management. experiences. The second year provides advanced clinical experience in restorative procedures, an introduction to research design and methodology. The third year involves additional clinical practice plus a mentored research experience to meet a thesis requirement that will be submitted for publication in the dental literature. - This program is fully accredited in Egypt by the Supreme Council of Universities.
- The program is highly selective, and enrollment will be competitive, accepting only 30 students to enroll in their post-graduate studies.

Enroll in MSA’s restorative and Esthetic Dentistry.

- Significantly enrich your research skills by utilizing MSA’s ISO certified labs and facilities.
- Boost your knowledge of oral and dental health by studying with superbly qualified research and academic staff.
- Gain clinically enriched hands-on experience in MSA’s Dental Hospital, with its impressive 270 treatment chairs and healthy flow of patients.
- Take advantage of unique opportunities for international exposure thus furthering your career and future even further.

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Graduate should have his BSc. Of Dentistry from any university in Egypt. Or its equivalent degree from any other university providing it is approved by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.
  • The general grading is ”Good” and to get “Very Good “grading in one of the designated subjects such as restorative Dentistry, Roots Treatment, Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics, Endodontic and Dental Materials providing that his grade in one of specialized subjects is “good” and “Accepted” grading in only one of other subjects.
  • To complete his final year of graduation satisfactorily as well as have 1 year experience.
  • Current employer’s approval to register and attend as full time student. If he doesn’t work he has to pledge to be full time graduate.
  • To pass TOEFL with 550 marks at least or the equivalent of IELTS.
- The program commenced in September 2014.
- Applications must be submitted before 1st September.
- The fees per semester are 48,000EGP (non-Egyptians: $6500) and must be paid before commencement of classes.
- Application and questions regarding registration, please contact the Admission Office in room B102. (Or call 16672 – transfer to Admission).



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