Admission Requirements for Faculty of Dentistry

MSA University - Admission Requirements for Faculty of Dentistry

The programme accepts students who passed Egyptian Thanaweya Amma Degree (National High School Certificate) or any other equivalent High School Degree (IGCSE, GCSE, Abitur, IB, French BACC, National High School Certificate from Arab Countries). The Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities declares the conditions for enrolling into the different faculties at MSA and other private universities that operate under the regulations of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. The minimum percentage varies from one year to the other and is declared to all applicants during the summer prior to their admission to the university.

Conditions Required for Each Certificate:

Thanaweya Amma:

  • Only Scientific Science certificate is accepted.



  • Minimum of 8 O Level subject as follows:
    • Passing Grade for O Level Subjects is C.
    • Passing Grade for AS and AL Subjects is D.
  • English language or Literature.
  • Any mathematical subject.
  • Chemistry.
  • Physics.
  • Biology/Human Biology
    + 3 O level Subjects from the approved list set forth by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education
    ++ Passing AL/AS Biology (MSA Requirement)

* Other foreign certificates including certificates from Arab countries are evaluated at the Admission Office in accordance to the regulations set by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. your social media marketing partner