Ebhar Misr program

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Ebhar Misr program

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts - MSA University, have met a group of talented students in science and technology within the framework of a three-day program, in coordination with the “Ebhar Misr” program under the auspices of Credit Agricole Egypt for Development of Education First Foundation, one of the non-profit civil society institutions that works to support public education in Egypt in cooperation with the Academy of Scientific Research at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The activities of the first day began inside the university campus by introducing the university and its various faculties, and a tour inside the laboratories of the Faculty of Biotechnology, where the students received a number of practical lectures and also conducted many different activities and practical experiments, including animal and tissue culture, DNA extraction, microscopy and bacteria identification and Biochemistry experiments.


The second day took the same approach; however, the students were accompanied on a tour inside the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering as experiments of architecture Model Making, density, air pressure, joule experiment, and specific heat were conducted.


Finally, on the final day, the students presented, reviewed and discussed their projects at the university.


The faculty members expressed their admiration for the advanced level of students, the methods of presentation and thinking, and the innovative topics that serve the goals of sustainable development and solutions to contemporary problems.



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