Introduction to Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty Profile:

MSA Faculty of Pharmacy offers up‐to‐date courses that cover a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical and biotechnological sciences, within the framework of the rules and regulations of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities (ESCU) as well as of our British partner. Programmes include specialized and updated courses in clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Toxicology, pharmacognosy, Microbiology and Immunology, biochemistry, behavioural science and management science in addition to courses in English, mathematics and computer scienceand computer science.


These courses are designed according to the international standards of the fast developing discipline in a Validation Agreement to be signed by MSA University and its UK partner. Our validated programmes offer MSA students the opportunity to receive two degrees upon graduation: an Egyptian certificate ratified by ESCU, and a British one granted by our UK partner.


Pharmacy students at MSA University are exposed to the rapidly growing information revolution in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, and are supplied with the latest laboratory equipment worldwide. Huge investments are geared to provide excellence in scientific education.


MSA Faculty of Pharmacy prepares pharmacists to play an active and creative role in their profession. Graduates may take up a career in Clinical Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Drug Industry, Community Services or Pharmaceutical Research.


Faculty of Pharmacy at MSA University is the only faculty of Pharmacy in Egypt that requires a graduation project, which highly qualifies its graduates for the practical field, especially if they intend to join the international workforce.



The Faculty of Pharmacy of October University for Modern Sciences and Arts is a pioneer in tutelage, scientific research, and community service at the local and regional levels, and holds an advanced position among its counterparts in international Pharmacy subject ranking.


The Faculty of Pharmacy of October University for Modern Sciences and Arts is nationally accredited, has British partnership, and is committed to producing graduates who are able to compete in national and international job markets and entrepreneurship, and to be an effective member of the medical team providing best medical care, while heeding professional ethics, through an outstanding academic programme and proficient academic staff. The faculty is devoted also to provide effective community services, and exceptional applied scientific research.

Strategic Objectives:
  • Support faculty competitiveness
  • Academic Excellence
  • Distinct applied academic research
  • Distinct community service
  • Sustainable development
  • Ensuring institutional effectiveness
  • An influential university life
Core Values:
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Student centred
  • Accountability
  • Inclusiveness
  • Credibility
  • Commitment to quality
  • Institutional loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Community orientation
Competitive features:

-The Faculty of Pharmacy at MSA University is a pioneer in being validated from the University of Greenwich, UK. This validation privileges the study program by the close follow-up by both the University of Greenwich and the British Quality Assurance and Audit (QAA). Therefore, the pharmacy student is granted a dual-origin degree namely; a British one from the University of Greenwich and an Egyptian one approved by the Supreme Council for Universities.


- The continuous cooperation with our British partner (University of Greenwich) in all teaching and learning process.


- The faculty boosts by its facilities, in terms of its neo-classical look of the campus with its state-of-the-art buildings, laboratories and lecture halls with suitable spaces. All of which are air-conditioned and fully equipped in accordance with the standard specifications for quality.


- The faculty of pharmacy at MSA University is the first faculty in Egypt to implement the graduation projects for pharmacy students, which expands their perceptions, makes them more capable and creative in their careers and qualifies them to participate in international conferences and win first places in them.


- The faculty encourages the students to practice extra-curricular activities such as organizing and participating in student scientific conferences, the employment fair and various cultural activities with other faculties at the university such as; the Model United Nations (MUN), EPSF-MSA and MSA-WHO.


- The clinical pharmacy department at the faculty contributes to the graduation of highly qualified medical practioners that are able to interact with other health care professionals.


- The faculty adopts the interactive teaching system in lectures and laboratories using e-learning and some modern applications such as Kahoot, Quizziz and Socrative.


- The faculty offers a summer training program with close follow-up and evaluation of the student at the training setting.


- The bioequivalence center at faculty of pharmacy, provides its services to the pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.


- The research ethics committee and safety in laboratories committee develop the moral sense and commitment to credibility among students and faculty members and provides a safe environment for work.


- All faculty laboratories were granted three ISO certificates, including: the ISO certificate QMS 9001:2015 (Quality Management System); which is an approved certificate in the quality management system that leads to the improvement of processes and activities and increases the facility’s ability to control quality standards and ensures the systematic documentation of laboratory procedures. The second one is the ISO 14001:2015 EMS (Environmental management systems); which is a certificate for environmental management systems that provides its requirements to enable the control of the environmental impact of their services and operations. In addition to, the ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) certificate, which is a certificate for the foundations and principles of occupational health and safety management systems with British specifications issued by the British BSI Organization, which confirms and guarantees the quality and safety of the faculty laboratories and the Bioequivalence Center.


- Some of the assistant staff members obtained the post graduate degrees abroad, whether with the University of Greenwich or other universities. This acquaints them with the latest educational methods which will be transmitted to their colleagues and students upon their return.


- The presence of highly qualified staff members, who are experts in different scientific fields.


- Distinguished international scientific publication of the research work of the staff members.


- A number of staff members obtained a (Post Graduate certificate in higher education) diploma from the University of Greenwich.


- A periodic self-evaluation system for the staff members ensures the quality of the educational process.


- The campus includes a student services building (SSB) with an area of 674 m2 on two floors that includes a cinema hall, a meeting room, a guest room, a cafeteria and a restaurant.


- The presence of a food court, where there are a number of various restaurants, photocopy centers and an ATM machine.


- The campus includes a Roman amphitheater, with a capacity of 400 seats, and an opera theater located in Building G, which includes 4 circular halls and a capacity of 200 seats. Also, the campus area allows for more construction that serves its students. The University mosque is under construction. In 2014, the University had a cooperation protocol with one of the largest sports training companies (True gym) to manage the fitness training at the university gymnasium, which has an area of 350 square meters, and it is in a suitable place as it is on the ground floor and is well ventilated and equipped with a large number of modern fitness equipment.

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