Introduction to Faculty of Management Sciences

1. Faculty Profile:

The Faculty of Management Sciences would like to welcome you to MSA University. The Faculty of Management Sciences offers six separate programmes, namely BA (Hons) Accounting, BA (Hons) Economics, BA (Hons) Management Information Systems, BA (Hons) Marketing and International Business, BA (Hons) Human Resources Management and BA (Hons) Finance & Investment Management . The degree offered by the Faculty of Management Sciences at MSA is accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and The Faculty is validated from University of Greenwich (all the newcomers starting fall 2020 will be under the new Validation from the University of Bedfordshire). Thus a graduate of MSA Faculty of Management Sciences will receive two certificates. One approved by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities and the other from University of Bedfordshire.


The Faculty of Management Sciences programmes are designed to provide the students with the main theoretical concepts and practical applications that can be used in today's dynamic business environment. To achieve this, the faculty depends on various methods of delivery and selects the most appropriate assessment methodology to ensure the students' ability to demonstrate the required learning outcomes of their programme of study. Moreover, there is continuous development of the programmes, the learning material, and the teaching methodology to enhance the standard or calibre of our graduates.


To graduate, you need to pass all the required modules of your chosen programme which are divided into four levels namely levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. The first 16 modules are common in all the six programmes. These 16 modules will introduce you to various areas of knowledge that are necessary to support your understanding of higher level modules, and it is during studying these modules that you will get an insight into the different management disciplines to enable you to declare your major of choice.

2. Programmes:

The Faculty of Management Sciences offers six programmes:

  • Accounting.
  • Economics.
  • Finance and Investment Management.
  • Human Resources Management.
  • Management Information Systems.
  • Marketing and International Business.

As you progress from one level to another, you need to develop your learning abilities so that by the end of level four, you will have achieved the outcomes of the programme. Finally, the aim is that you as a student enhance your judgment, critical analysis, and application of knowledge. You also need to achieve a point where you become an independent learner, and whenever you need to know more about an area you could independently search and guide yourself.


Furthermore, our aim is to enhance your employability by improving your team-working, communication, presentation skills, and acquire awareness of the rapidly changing dynamic business environment where flexibility, innovation, and adaptability are a must. The objective of the faculty is to help students acquire deep knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts, theories and practices in the fields of business and economics; and to prepare them to become effective leaders in these fields.


This objective implies educating students to be responsible adults in all aspects of their lives in an era of dynamic change. Therefore, our main educational strategy is to provide our students with the tools needed to adequately interpret and analyze contemporary related issues; and to deal effectively and efficiently with the business environment they are soon to face. In other words, that is to develop their analytical skills, and to stimulate their thinking abilities.



Hence, great emphasis and attention are given to the following:

  • Providing our students with the information, communication techniques and facilities needed to keep them up to date with the latest developments and changes taking place in global business environment.
  • All students have access to the internet services at the University also they have access to the electronic resources of University of Bedfordshire. During their studies, students are expected to make extensive use of the internet as a major source of information as far as all subjects offered are concerned.
  • In addition to formal lectures, course delivery also includes case studies and tutorials where major contemporary issues are discussed, evaluated, and debated.
  • Developing the students’ intellectual abilities, analytical and presentation skills through undertaking research projects in a variety of disciplines. These projects are closely supervised by instructors and teaching assistants. In addition, final year graduation projects are formally assessed and evaluated by a panel of internal and external examiners.

Students of Faculty of Management:

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