MSA University - Faculty of Computer Science

Established in 1996, the Faculty of Computer Science at MSA provides an up-to-date program that satisfies the needs of the local market. Due to the demand for a new generation of high level computer specialists and professionals, the Faculty of Computer Science offers a B.Sc. Degree adopting international standards to fulfill such requirements. The programme design has been informed and guided by the QAA Computing subject benchmarks and the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities to ensure that the curricula meet the required professional standards of knowledge, cognitive and practical subject specific skills, as well as transferable graduate skills. There is a balance of practice and theory appropriate to the aims of the programme such that practical activity can be supported by an understanding of underlying principles. The practical application of knowledge develops confidence, reinforces knowledge and prepares students for the different facets of the workplace. The projects taken are designed to develop creativity, critical and reflective thinking and provide an opportunity to demonstrate competence and skills working independently on a practical solution to a given problem. Students at the Faculty of Computer Science are encouraged to develop autonomous learning as well as interpersonal skills to become good communicators, self motivated, aware of own strengths and weaknesses, with clear vision and plan for own future. Computer Science offers a focused technical course of study which emphasizes software development and computer theory with the goal that students learn how computers are used to solve real-life problems. Students develop excellent programming skills as they build a solid foundation in the theory and practice of computer science and software engineering.

Faculty Vision:

Enrich and serve the society by providing creative graduates with a high level of skills and qualifications in computer science and software design & development. These graduates endeavor to achieve a regional leadership role for the nation in the fields of science and technology. They are globally competitive and keen to contribute in improving the quality of life for humankind.

Faculty Mission:

Create an environment that supports the professional and personal growth of students and that prepares them for successful professional careers in the fields of software design and development and computer science through: Preparing flexible curricula that can be adapted to match the individual career goals of each student. Providing the student with a strong theoretical and practical background in computer science with an emphasis on software design and development. Instilling into the students a strong awareness of their ethical and professional responsibilities. Providing the students with a rich set of practical skills that render them fully prepared for employment upon graduation. Providing the students with the skills necessary to further their education and develop their skills after graduation.

British Certificate:

Greenwich has more students studying overseas with collaborative partners (including franchises) than any other UK university – over 16,000 students at 59 institutions. Major partners include SBCS in Trinidad, MSA in Egypt and SEGi in Malaysia. The Programme is validated by Greenwich University. This means that if you successfully complete all parts of the Programme, with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0, you will receive the Greenwich University qualification of BSc Honours Computer Science or BSc honours Computer Science (Software Engineering), or BSc Honours Computer Science (Internet Computing) and may if you wish attend the appropriate Greenwich University graduation ceremony. The Programme is supervised by the Greenwich University's School of Computing Science.

You will be issued a transcript verified by Greenwich University. The transcript will list each module you have taken, stating the academic year in which the module was taken, the module credit rating and grade.Where appropriate, it will also state the award and where appropriate, the classification and title.

Students of Faculty of Computer Sciences:

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