Introduction to Faculty of Arts & Design

Faculty Profile:

ARTS & DESIGN students produce innovative work in a dynamic studio-led environment, supported by the highest caliber of studios, facilities and staff who are passionate about their profession. Intensive practice techniques will have you gaining hands-on experience in the fields of Interior Design, Graphic and Media Arts, Fashion design or Landscape Design.


To graduate distinguished and progressive artists and designers for our local and international communities and instill in them the knowledge, skills and techniques that will make them excel in their careers.


Our mission is to develop dedicated and gifted students to become outstanding designers, planners and managers in the fields of cinema & theatre, fashion, graphic & media art, interior design, product design and landscape. We attain this by providing a strong context of professional education with emphasis on intellectual development and creative activity, based on liberal arts and sciences. We will support this by encouraging independent learning through studio based curricula and research-oriented thesis programs.

Students of Faculty of Arts & Design:

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