Vision and Mission

MSA University - Faculty of Languages

Our Vision:

The Faculty of Languages at MSA University operates to perform well-recognized national, regional and international roles in the teaching of English language studies, literature, linguistics and translation, in addition to a second foreign language. This is accomplished with an ultimate goal of becoming an academic, cultural and services leading entity and a centre of excellence; spreading knowledge on a wide scale.

Our Mission:

The Faculty of Languages at MSA University seeks to provide its students with the highest possible quality of education in the fields of English language studies. Through adherence to criteria of National Accreditation Quality Assurance and the validation of programmes by British partners, the faculty attempts to prepare students to achieve success both academically and professionally. Consequently, graduates would meet requirements of the job market and compete in various professional areas. In addition, the Faculty of Languages offers services that contribute to the development of academic standards of all faculties within the university community.

Our Strategic Objectives::

- Expansion of the Faculty and Development of Students and Staff.
- National and International Competitiveness through Accreditation, Conferences & Research Publications.
- Community Service. your social media marketing partner