Introduction to Faculty of Biotechnology

1. Faculty Profile:

Biotechnology at MSA is the 1st such faculty in the Middle East. Studying the utilization of gene technology to improve the quality of life biologically. One of our graduates was first worldwide to be awarded the Nobel Prize Simulation in Chemistry and Medical Sciences at the Asian Science Camp which was held in Daejon; Korea.

“Biotechnologists are able to modify genes and do DNA splicing to alter plant and animal species with amazing outcomes in many aspects of life"

Biotechnology is the application of molecular and cellular processes to solve problems, conduct research, and create goods and services. This field is a burgeoning force in the national and global economy in this century.

We are witnessing a biotechnological revolution that has grown to encompass almost every aspect of our daily lives: health and medicine, food and agriculture, the environment, business, and industry. Rapid advances in genome science are opening up a multitude of new business opportunities in the life sciences related industries. To accompany this growth, manpower appropriately trained and educated in Biotechnology is in demand. Faculty of Biotechnology MSA University is unique in its own right both nationally and in the Middle East region.

It is well equipped with the latest laboratory equipment worldwide. Huge investments are geared to provide excellence in scientific education.

The main aim of the Biotechnology program at MSA University is to produce well-educated bio technologists with the scientific background and laboratory experience necessary for employment in the fields of Biotechnology.

2. What is Biotechnology?:

The use of living organisms to make or improve a product.

  • Bio (life).
  • technology (the application of knowledge for practical use.
*Any technique that uses living organisms or substances from those organisms to make or modify a product, to improve living organisms, or to develop organisms for specific uses.
2.1 Fields of Biotechnology:

  • Medical.
  • Agricultural.
  • Industrial.
  • Environmental.
  • Pharmaceutical.
  • DNA Forensics.
  • Security and war.

3. Vision of Faculty of Biotechnology:

Faculty of Biotechnology in October University for Modern Sciences and Arts seeks to provide an outstanding biotechnology program and research that is recognized on the local, regional and international levels.

4. Mission of of Faculty of Biotechnology:

Faculty of Biotechnology is a comprehensive learning and teaching institution offering high quality innovative biotechnology instruction. Faculty of Biotechnology mission is to offer well-educated biotechnology graduates with scientific background and laboratory skills to render them competent to solve problems, conduct research, and create goods and services in the various fields of Biotechnology on the national, regional and internationally levels. your social media marketing partner