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The first international conference for the applications of biotechnology

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The first international conference for the applications of biotechnology

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts took the initiative to host this conference where researchers discussed the latest and the most advanced researches in the field of biotechnology where (MSA)is considered the only and sole university to have biotechnology among its faculties either in Egypt or in the Arab world universities. (MSA) grants its graduates a degree in biotechnology equivalent to the same degree granted to graduates of Greenwich University in the United Kingdom.

The International researches that were discussed in that conference in the field of biotechnology and studied by students of (MSA)included several fields like the medical, pharmaceutical, environmental and the plants that are genetically altered to resist draughts, salination and help in forensic medicine and to serve the purposes of the environment. Dr. Fathi Saa"d the governor of 6th October Governorate witnessed the beginning of the conference where he expressed his happiness and was delighted that (MSA) was the first university in Egypt and the whole Arab World to set up a specialized faculty for Biotechnology and in the area and also hosting the first international conference for that important scientific field. 

The head of the Board of Trustees Professor Dr. Nawal Al Degwi declared that the initiative taken by the university to hold this conference comes from her deep believe in serving the community and reinvesting in it, by giving the students the chance to get acquainted with the state of the arts researches in the field of Biotechnology. The Conference included the latest and the most advanced researches in the fields of Biotechnology that are studied at the (MSA).

These fields include medical pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental and forensic medicine which gave the Egyptian Scientists the chance to convene headed by Dr. Ibrahim Badran to discuss these researches from all over the world. Dr. Khairy Abdel Hamid the President of the university, and the chairman of the conference declared that the conference was the outcome of cooperation between October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) and the British Universities in the fields of education and the scientific researches. Dr. Ayman Diab the Dean of the faculty and the spokesman of the conference said that the conference discussed numerous scientific discoveries in its sessions which are very significant and will be of great interest to the whole world in the coming years. These researches include cancer and liver treatment and some other chronic and terminal illnesses. These researches also include the plants that are genetically treated and altered. to resist the draught the salination and the pests that threaten the crops besides increasing the production and protecting the environment. This is the least to say besides increasing the live stock and fish through the advanced biotechnological methods.

Dr March Snowdon the vice president of the British University of Greenwich commended and praised the scientific standard of the conference that equals if not surpasses several international scientific conferences. your social media marketing partner