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Dental committee

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1. About:

DCMSA is a MSA student-led NGO that unlocks critical qualities in dental students through learning from practical experience in challenging environments. Together with IADS we facilitate a global exchange in the form of professional clinical internships and research programs.

2. Vision & Mission:

To be the voice of all dental students in MSA University and help them reach their greatest potential by unleashing their talents in dentistry and helping them become the best version of themselves.

3. Academic Advisor:

Prof. Dr. Faten Kamel, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry.

4. Club brief history:

Five students founded DCMSA in 2015 with high potential to reach every dental student. In 2018, it was time to expand that potential with bigger goals and stronger partnerships.

5. High Board Structure:

- Advisory Board:
• Prof. Dr. Faten Kamel, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry.
• Dr. Amr Khaled, Conservative Dentistry Department. - Executive Board:
• President: Alaa El Hadad.
• Vice President: Omar Sarwat.
• General Secretary: Fatimah Bashandy.
• Marketing & PR Head: Mazen Dawoud.
• Prophylaxis Committee Head: Ahmed Aboulyazeed.
• Social Committee Head: Alaa Adel.
• Scientific Committee Head: Nadeen Abuzied.
• Exchange Committee Head: Kareem Shawqi.
• Training Committee Head: Esraa Sakr.
• Treasury Committee Head: Dina Ashraf. - Founders:
• Dr. Amr Khaled, Conservative Dentistry Department [Advisory Board].
• Dr. Sherien Atef, Orthodontics Department [Alumni].
• Dr. Hazem Kotb, Dental Materials Department [Alumni].
• Dr. Nourhan Medhat, Pedodontics Department [Alumni].
• Dr. Nada Nader, Conservative Dentistry Department [Alumni].
• Dr. Yahia Aboul-Azm [Alumni]. - Committees:
• Marketing & PR: responsible for maintaining online and offline presence of DCMSA and managing all external communication channels.
• Prophylaxis Committee: responsible for running the Enlighten Egypt Program.
• Social Committee: responsible for running MSA 3altayer Program and all social events in the University powered by DCMSA.
• Scientific Committee: responsible for running MSA Dental Tourney Program and establishing a DCMSA Magazine.
• Exchange Committee: responsible for running Global Exchange Program.
• Training Committee: responsible for running Evolve Program.
• Treasury Committee: responsible for managing the finances of DCMSA. - Partners: DCMSA is a member in DSSA-Egypt which provides a membership in the IADS. The International Association of Dental Students was founded in 1951 in Denmark, in order to serve the educational needs of dental students throughout the world. Representing the interests of more than 200,000 dental students in around 60 countries worldwide and having its headquarters at the FDI World Dental Federation headquarters in Geneva (Switzerland), the Association strives for educational and scientific excellence throughout the international projects and iniatives it manages.

6. Attributes:

• We adapt and change constantly to the environment around us.
• We learn by doing and take action. -Impactful:
• We unlock critical qualities in students to create change.
• We are driven by our goals and we are ethical in our behavior.
• We work towards resolving global issues and local issues in Egypt. -Bold:
• We are not afraid to express ourselves and all dental students.
• We are energetic and passionate young individuals.
• We are not afraid to dream and do big.
• We take on challenging tasks because we are determined to create positive impact. -Diverse:
• We are a network of people from different backgrounds.
• We belive in respecting everyone's opinion and treating it as important.
• We offer a variety of programs to dental students that are interactive and show our inclusive NGO. -Inclusive:
• We are non-discriminating on any basis.
• We are the voice of all dental students of MSA University.
• We offer dental exchange opportunities that every student can access.
• We are a collaborative network and interact actively with other people and other organizations.


Facebook: DCMSA page