MSA University - Students Services

1.Support Service:

One of the main goals of MSA University is to provide a unique, friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for the student body.Staff members and students interact constantly as members of one large family. This is helped by the wide student to teacher ratio which allows students to enjoy a personal relationship with teachers if required. Support and guidance are provided to students mainly by the Faculty Registrar and Students Affairs Department. These services include:

  • Enrollment.
  • Registration Procedures.
  • Academic Guidance.
  • Advice on career placement and training opportunities.
  • Disabilities support and guidance.
  • Appeals and complaints.
  • Counseling.
  • Advice on any issue that concerns students' welfare like finding a suitable accommodation close to campus.
  • In addition to all that, MSA runs through each faculty many workshops, training sessions, exhibitions for students to show case their efforts and innovations all year round. MSA also hosts international expertise plus Egyptian Universities’ professors to assess and deliver lectures or present their judgments on graduation projects.

    2.Student Service:

  • To provide world class graduates with the ability to compete and excel in an ever-changing dynamic world and to stand on equal footing with their peers from other international universities through its dedication to the pursuit of excellence in curricula, facilities, staff and students.
  • To place significant emphasis on staff development and on creating opportunities for staff to expand their knowledge and satisfy their needs as we believe that our staff are the most valuable asset.
  • To contribute to the overall advancement and growth of the community in which it operates.

    The bi–annual Employment and Internship Fair is considered a sheer important service for our students which is also run by students assisted by the “Human Resources Department”, efficiently as it invites a lot of renowned National and International Firms and companies which are seeking the cutting edge, bi-lingual, agile and digital experts graduates to recruit or at least to intern. Another useful service offered to our students is the Training Center, which is a” Career Gates Center” that qualifies graduates or students to real life expectancy, for a reasonable charge, by offering the most demanding majors and diplomas that would be an active tool towards fast and rapid employment, as these diplomas are acknowledged by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce besides MSA Career Gates Certificate. (Dokki Center). Here comes the best service of all which is the “Students Exchange Programme” which helps students to be exposed to foreign culture, rich environment of knowledge, labs, and libraries in addition to the new experience of new culture and background that makes them accept the others, be understanding, a giving personality that runs to help whoever is seeking assistance in his just cause. your social media marketing partner