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Protocols of Scientific & Research Cooperation

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Protocols of Scientific & Research Cooperation

According to the rapid development in all fields and researches related to the oil, natural gas and bio-fuel sector, as part of integration of efforts and scientific cooperation and exploitation of the scientific and material resources available at the Ministry of Petroleum and October University for Modern Sciences and Arts.

On Monday, 8 July 2019, protocols of scientific and research cooperation were signed at the highest level between the Center for Excellence and Entrepreneurship at MSA University and the Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute (EPRI) The Protocols provide: - Cooperate in research and applied projects related to areas that serve both parties.
- Cooperation in the fields of applications of modern science, biotechnology and nanotechnology in the petroleum industry, natural gas, biofuels and the elimination of environmental pollution.
- Training students in service centers, research and specialized laboratories located on both sides.
- Making use of the laboratory and technical capabilities available to both parties for scientific research.
- Exchange of technical information and scientific visits.
- Organizing seminars, conferences and workshops in various scientific and research fields, which are held in accordance with the coordination between the two parties.
- Utilization of scientific cadres from both sides.
- Publication in international journals.
- Connecting with the industrial, academic and professional bodies. Attend the proceedings and signing events of the Protocols: Dr. Nawal Al-Dajwa, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University
Prof. Yasser Mohammad Mustafa, Acting Director of the Institute
Prof. Dr. Khairy Abdel Hamid, President of the University
Dr. Tarek Saleh, Director of the Center of Excellence and Entrepreneurship
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