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Pharmacy Summer Training Committee

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Pharmacy Summer Training Committee

The faculty of pharmacy is keen to help its students take control of their life and future through the summer training committee

The Faculty of Pharmacy is keen to train its students in different pharmaceutical disciplines aiming to prepare them to compete effectively in the job market after their graduation.

Every student will have the opportunity to spend certain hours (at least 300 hours) training in one or more pharmacy settings (community and hospital pharmacies, and national and international pharmaceutical companies).

This practical training will expose the students to the rapidly growing information revolution in the pharmaceutical sciences.

This summer The Faculty offered some opportunities to the students for training in Pharmaceutical companies (AstraZeneca, Global Napi, Sedico, Eipeico, Multiapex, ), Hospital pharmacy ( El Araby , El moalemeen and Baheya), Community Pharmacy ( Abo Ali Pharmacy) and Trust Lab.

The trained students received their certificates, and as usual an MSA student ( Karim Khaled) was best achiever among the trainees from all faculties of pharmacy in AstraZeneca. your social media marketing partner