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Faculty of Biotechnology-Industrial Project Course

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Faculty of Biotechnology-Industrial Project Course

On Monday, 24th of February, a group of students from Faculty of Biotechnology had an academic field trip to a dairy products factory and a training centre in the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, as a part of the industrial project course. The students experienced two different types of processing milk products, manually and mechanically.

The process started by receiving the raw milk from the farmers and then they separated the fats from milk to prepare it for the following stage to enter the production process. Then they followed up the process of producing several types of cheese; Mozzarella, Rumi, and Domyati . Each type of these cheeses needed a special type of bacteria and preservation process. LA Aicha Tigany supervised the students during their visit. The students' behaviour during the visit was exceptional; they truly were delightful and disciplined. The students were grateful and appreciated all the help that was rendered by Dr. Alaa Abd El Fatah and Dr. Mohamed Abd-El Salam and were very thankful to their course instructors, Dr. Ayman Diab, Dr. Gehan Safwat as well as the LA. Aicha Tigany and TA. Gihan Hamad. your social media marketing partner