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MSA Biotechnology receives 1 million EGP research fund to fight liver cancer

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MSA Biotechnology receives 1 million EGP research fund to fight liver cancer

The Faculty of Biotechnology has successfully signed a contract with the Agency for Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) highlighting a research grant that would put an Egyptian team of multidisciplinary scientists in work for 24 months to fight liver cancer with nanobiotechnology techniques.

Dr. Nawal El-Degwi, MSA Head of Board of Trustees, said during the conference celebrating a first-of-its-kind achievement for Egyptian private universities that MSA has pioneered the biotechnology domain in Egypt 12 years ago when it established the first faculty of biotechnology in Eg.ypt out of its belief that biotechnology is the science of the future, impacting many fields in science and industry. The research team, headed by Dr. Ayman Diab (MSA’s Dean of Biotechnology), will work in collaboration with Dr. Shaker Mousa, an Egyptian scientisit with more than 350 international patents in nanomicrobiology living in the United States, and the Faculty of Pharmacy at Assyiut University. Liver cancer accounts for 24.7% of all cancer types in Egypt, that is why Dr. Mahmoud Sakr, ASRT President, has commended MSA on pioneering the field and for presenting a solid project that would support Egypt’s scientific research as well as MSA’s research development. The contract has been signed as the research team set for an ambitious work: Dr. Jihan Safwat, Dr. Gina El-Feky, two researchers from the National Center for Research, and LAs and TAs at MSA. It is noteworthy that MSA has collaborated with ASRT in various projects, and it will continue to do as Dr. Khayri AbdelHamid announced another project that MSA’s faculties of Engineering, Computer Science and Management will be working on. your social media marketing partner