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Graduation Ceremony 2020

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Graduation Ceremony 2020

October University for Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA University) wholeheartedly celebrated the graduation ceremony of class of 2020 batch


Love, laughter and family gatherings were all around MSA University Campus as the class of 2020 have finally celebrated their long awaited marvelous achievements and success. The graduates received their distinctive graduation certificates with the presence of their parents and colleagues. All the precautionary procedures of COVID-19 were taken into consideration as stage and seating social distancing were maintained.


The graduation dates were as follows:



Rehearsal: 30th of August, 2021

Ceremony: 5th of September, 2021



Rehearsal: 31st of August, 2021

Ceremony: 6th of September, 2021



Rehearsal : 1st of September, 2021

Ceremony: 7th of September, 2021



Rehearsal: 2nd of September, 2021

Ceremony: 8th of September, 2021


The celebration took place with the presence of the University President Prof. Khayri Abdel Hamied, Deans of each faculty along with the faculties’ staff members.


we are so happy that you've achieved this great milestone – Wishing you great success with your dreams and career!


Congratulations to all the graduates of Class of 2020, MSA will always be proud of you, everywhere, and all the time and we hope that you had an astounding day.


Take a glance at the overwhelming pictures of the graduation ceremony days:


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