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Gene Guns at Hand

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Gene Guns at Hand

As part of the continued efforts of the MSA faculties to provide unique learning experiences to its students, third year students of the Faculty of Biotechnology have had the distinctive opportunity to visit the Agriculture Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) to tour the valuable institute and to see how the Gene Gun works. The Gene Gun is the device and bombardment technique used for gene insertion and transformation in crops.

The students took a quick tour through the institute then were given some guidelines and descriptions of the device’s components and uses. Afterwards, they were divided into two groups to view the bombardment process closely and experimented using the device with their own hands.

Great appreciation to the big responsibility AGERI hold for the future of Egypt’s advanced farming and agriculture techniques, and many thanks to their great hospitality and the sense of welcoming the institute members showed the students. Hopefully the AGERI will always continue contributing towards the future working hands of our beloved students and to the development of the Egyptian agricultural policies and projects. your social media marketing partner