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E-Tourism New Opportunities in the Job Market

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E-Tourism New Opportunities in the Job Market

Because Education has a substantial impact on employment prospects, Faculty of Languages -MSA University- hosted a session entitled: E-Tourism: New Opportunities In The Job Market" on Feb 26, 2020 to provide students with the opportunity to explore the new attractive opportunities in the global job market in the field of E-Tourism industry, as one of the world's largest industries with the highest global economic contribution.

The session was presented by Mr. Mohamed Abdullah, General Manager of the International Organization for E-Tourism Industry (IOETI). Mr Abdullah defined E-tourism as essentially the digitalization of the whole touristic industry.


In his attempt to educate the students on the career prospects available for them in the field of E-Tourism, he introduced three inspiring success stories of young talented youth who have exceptional careers. Mr Eslam Medhat -Head of Travel Portal, Ms Yara Yehia- Director of Marketing for Ashranda Cruises & Boutique Hotels Management & the Head Instructor of IOETI, and Mr Waleed Kotb- Owner & Director of SWAN Bazaar. The success stories were profoundly inspiring and the students were amazed at their brilliant achievements and were looking up for their own success stories.


At the end of the session, Students expressed their great excitement about the workshop and E-Tourism as a new gateway to their future prospects. The session was concluded by Prof Soha Raafat, Dean of the Faculty of Languages, honoring IOETI members in recognition of a most successful session. your social media marketing partner