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Congratulations Dr. Ali Khater

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Congratulations Dr. Ali Khater

MSA University and the Faculty of Computer Science would love to congratulate Dr. Ali Khater as his research team won the first place in the international competition for solving optimization problems.

The competition is under the title of “Competition on single objective bound constrained optimization un shifted problems” and is held every year on the sidelines of the International Conference on Developmental Computing “IEEE Congress On Evolutionary Computation” which is considered as one of the most important international conferences in this field.


Optimization is one of the most important branches of artificial intelligence, where a set of algorithms are used to solve complex problems in various fields of engineering sciences and computers such as space, electronics, wireless networks, mobile, machine learning and robotics.


Congratulations to Dr. Ali Khater, with our heartfelt wishes for continued success, excellence, and distinction for all MSA University staff members, students and graduates in all fields.