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Biotechnology A.R.C training program

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Biotechnology A.R.C training program

We are happy to announce the participation of our first year students at the faculty of Biotechnology in the extracurricular training program hosted by the Central Laboratory of the Horticultural research institute, Agricultural research center, Giza.

The students are scheduled to attend four consecutive training sessions taking place over the course of four weeks starting with a session on HPLC fractionation followed by a session on AAS of macro/microelements, a microbiology session and one final session on the applications of spectrophotometry. During the four-week program, students are offered demonstrations and the chance to perform practical regimens on multiple laboratory equipment inside the location as well. It is absolutely impressive that first year students would have the chance to get hands-on training and attention from hired professionals in the field considering their college journey have not even exceeded the two-month mark. Stay tuned for more updates on faculty trainings and achievements

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