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Biotech: SOLE, 1st award for best presentation

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Biotech: SOLE, 1st award for best presentation
Eight of our MSA's Biotechnology students participated in Science Operations Leaders in Egypt "SOLE"2015 in the Conference Center of Medicine at Cairo University. The first award for best presentation was given to "Amr Yasser".
SOLE is an annual competition where it gathers students from various universities to compete by examining their knowledge about the different fields of Biotechnology. SOLE aims to challenge students to discover and improve their skills while getting exposed to several concepts about Biotechnology.
The faculty members could not be more proud of him for this noteworthy achievement. The faculty is also pleased and very proud of "Shahd Najmus, Mariam Adel, Amr Ehab, Hoda El-Essawy, Abdel-Rahman Shour, Shereen Hosny, and Mohamed El- Beltagy" for displaying their best efforts in this competition.
We are expecting a bright future for these young pioneering scientists. your social media marketing partner