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Translating Cultures: Theory and Practice

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MSA University - Translating Cultures: Theory and Practice

Call for Papers:
The Faculty of Languages, MSA University is pleased to launch its first international conference “Translating Cultures: Theory and Practice” in October 2019.


The conference offers an engaging platform for academicians, theorists, artists and practitioners from different backgrounds to share their ideas on how languages and narratives can be diversely understood across different cultures and contexts.


The conference aims to highlight the role of cultures and/or cultures in translation in enlightening people and transmitting diverse values, narratives and histories. This enlightenment contributes to a level of understanding that leads to appreciation, tolerance, acceptance and inter/cross-cultural communication.

Publication Opportunity

Dear Colleagues


Please be advised that there would be a publication opportunity for the BEST 15 to 20 papers in a book adopted from the conference which will be published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing within a year after the end of the conference.


The Deadline for sending abstracts is thereby extended to June 30, 2019

Topics of Interest:
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

1- Challenges of Cultural Translation
2- Transnationalism
3- Intercultural Encounters
4- Performing Cultures
5- History and Culture in Literary Texts
6- Translating History between Theory and Practice
7- Translation and Media
8- Culture and Education
9- Culture and Arts
10- Localization and Globalization
11- Language and Cultural Transformations
12- Multiculturalism and identity
13- Sociocultural Contexts in Teaching EFL
14- Digital Humanities
15- Cyber Culture