Credit Hours & Programme Structure

It is expected that the wide spread of computers in Egypt would call for a new generation of computer specialists and professionals of outstanding level that can meet challenges of the 21st Century. The main objective of Faculty of Computer Science at MSA is to provide a unique programme in computer science, internet computing and software engineering that satisfies the needs of the local market. Moreover, adopting international standards is a must in the ever-changing field of computers. A graduate needs to be in continuous contact with the international market and its fluctuations to promote his professional career by producing world-class software. The programme is arranged normally in 8 x 14 week semesters (2 semesters per year). The degree is awarded upon successful completion of minimum 140 credit hours. The differences between the Computer Science programme and the other programmes are in 7 advanced modules (21 credits). The programme combines a strong theoretical background with hands-on practice. It provides the students with lifelong learning capabilities, the necessary skills to promote their intellectual growth and optimal benefit from academic modules. These skills include outstanding computer skills, team work, project management, project presentation techniques, and language proficiency, research skills through the Internet as well as data gathering and analysis. Students are trained to adequately use these skills in handling and solving problems. The Faculty of Computer Science offers the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in the following three pathways (majors):

  • BSc Honours Computer Science (Computer Science – CSP).
  • BSc Honours Computer Science (Internet Computing - ICP).
  • BSc Honours Computer Science (Software Engineering - SEP).
  • The degree is awarded upon successful completion of an approved programme comprising a minimum of 140 credit hours normally completed in four academic years (eight semesters). The following table shows a breakdown of the credit hours among subjects and modules:


    Subject Number Of

    Credit Hours

    English Language









    Humanities And Social Sciences



    Computer Science, Internet Computing & Software Engineering 






    All CS programmes are Accredited by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities, and validated by University of Greenwich. your social media marketing partner