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  • Wednesday, 27 November 2019 09:30

MSA University - Creativity & Activity Club


1. About:

Gathering creative students to explore and reveal their talents, and to get the chance to exhibit their work sounds like a good idea, So The Creativity and Activity Club—founded in 2019 in MSA University—aims to bring different students together under the umbrella of art, where talented students are encouraged to unleash their skills and share them with others who have similar interests. College days can be a lot more than mere studying hours and attending lectures. Since the university is an excellent place to meet people of every kind, and who can do almost anything, it would be great to take an advantage of those assets before graduating. Making time for extracurricular activities can be a tough job that this club would make a lot easier. That happens when it brings people with passion together, sharing time and place and their love for a specific form art. These arts could include just anything; from painting and sketching to baking, cooking, graphic design, costume-making, makeup, photography, writing, and a lot more.

2. Vision:

The Club is a pioneer of creative activities and his members are the best among Egyptian Universities with their ability to professionalize their talents.

3. Mission:

Establishing a community that encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities where they can display their work and teach others their skills.

4. Objectives:

The Creativity and Activity Club works to establish a creative community within the campus, where people with different talents meet and display their work, extending the platform of those who already have audience and helping others who never got the chance so that their work can finally see the light of day. However, it does not stop there; students are also encouraged to teach their skills to others. So it is more rewarding—seeing one’s work and experience benefitting others. Students learning from students, while all sharing the same passion for something would create a positive learning medium where everyone is always motivated since they feel their effective roles and sensing how they are part of the whole thing, and where everyone is always learning something new. Another bonus point is students being able to sell the outcome products in bazaars held on campus, gaining a tangible income from their very own work of hand.