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MSA Qualifies its Students to Globalization

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MSA Qualifies its Students to Globalization

In a unique Model of The United Nations (MUN), MSA students discussed global and regional issues like Guatemala, borders problems between Colombia and Venezuela besides the problem of Nile Dam between Ethiopia and the sourcing countries, plus the border problem between Turkey and Syria. Dr Nawal El Degwi, Head of the Board of Trustees, inaugurated (MUN) Agenda, in the presence of Mrs. Khawla Matter, managing director of UN Information Center in Cairo. Targeting the development and advancement of their abilities to defend their rights and acquire skills of diplomatic and parliamentary work 200 students participated in that Model on United Nations.

(MUN) participants were divided to represent a country each. Among these countries were Egypt, United States, England, France, Japan, Germany, India, China, Russia, Philippine, Korea, Angola, Canada, Lebanon, Turkey, Mexico, Libya, Australia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Argentina, The Czech Republic and Greece. Revolutions of the Arabic Spring dominated the debates of all the participants. (MUN) also comes within MSA care and target to equip its students with capabilities to raise their stamina and elevate the scientific, political and intellectual way of thinking. MSA wants its students to be aware of global and regional affaires to be better able to understand, evaluate and judge the changes in the whole world. Two of MSA students were chosen for training in Model of United Nations in United States of America to represent Egypt, they are; Yousra Shawki and Dina Ahmed. your social media marketing partner