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MSA graduate honored by the President Abdul Fattah Al Sisi

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MSA graduate honored by the President Abdul Fattah Al Sisi

We would like to congratulate our graduate Ahmed Megahed Shehata for getting the first place in the Police Academy (Specialized Officers) who was honored by the President Abdul Fattah Al Sisi.

Ahmed Megahed Shehata is an MSA graduate, he graduated from the faculty of Dentistry in 2013 and decided to join the police academy as an Officer to serve in the police as a dentist

Ahmed took the academy by storm with his good manners and attitude as well as his hard work in the academy. "I got a really high GPA at MSA which helped me to be accepted in the Police Academy" Ahmed stated. "So many people told me that I can't get anywhere because I'm not a graduate of the a governmental university, I didn't listen to them and I said to myself that I will be at least in the top ten ranking among my colleagues if not the first and I did"

When he was asked about the moment when he stood infront of the President Al Sisi, Ahmed expressed his feelings of happiness and anxiety: "I had mixed feelings I was really nervous, happy and afraid to do something wrong, but in the end I was proud and I wanted to see how my parents looked like during that moment but I couldn't because I had to walk the military step which prevents me from looking anywhere."

"I was pleased to hear that MSA is also going to honor me as it has a special place in my heart, the honor from the president is big but also it feels good to be honored from the university which I spent 5 years in" Ahmed said.

We asked Ahmed If there is one thing to say to the future generations he answered: "Don't listen to anyone, if you have a goal focus on it, a lot of people will try to lower your expectations, don't listen to them and continue in your way, if you tried hard enough you will reach your goals."

Wait for the full interview with Ahmed THIS WEEK!

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