MSA Employment Fair November 2012

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MSA Employment Fair November 2012

MSA held the Best Employment Fair On University Campus on November 24 & 25, 2012

MSA held its 5th International Employment and Training Fair on November 24 & 25, 2012 in the University Campus in October City. It is initiated from the pioneer role taken by MSA to make the high calibers jobs and training in outstanding and renowned companies available for its students. This year a lot of national and international companies were present in the fair to receive MSA distinguished graduates and students to turn their potential into performance and enable them to discover a career that offers diversity, inclusion, work life effectiveness with integrity and support for success.

The goal of this Employment Fair is supplying the National and International companies in the Egyptian market with the best graduates who combine the excellence of quality British education and the Egyptian culture and background. MSA students and graduates have proficiency in the written and spoken English Language together with the computer and advanced technological skills. On the other hand, Employment Fair is considered the highest ever rendered service to MSA graduates and also for the postgraduates from other universities who have MA. Or PhD and at least three years working experience. It is noteworthy that last year the Employment Fair had achieved a stunning success where more than 80 international companies had participated and also more than 3000 graduates and students attended. During the Employment fair the participating companies had a list of available recruitment opportunities in order to attract the distinguished MSA students besides explaining each job requirements. According to (CAPMAS) the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics, the unemployed MSA graduates don't exceed 4%. The major factors behind that was the quality education they had in addition of being a team player with competitive edge, goal oriented, strong work ethics and the top rank employment opportunities made available by MSA University through that Fair. MSA is, as usual, an attractive pole of educational excellence. Among the many companies participated in the employment fair this year were: Vodafone, Career Gates, Silicon Egypt Technologies, National Bank of Egypt, Eli - Lily Pharmaceutical Company, CIB Bank, Peugeot, Mansour Chevrolet, Hi Pharm. Magnificent, IBM, ECCO Outsourcing, Etisal International, BAG; Bavarian Auto Group Roche Pharmaceutical Company, Teleperformance, CanCham, Arabian Cement, BAG, Berlitz, BNP Paribas, DDA Advertising, Elite Jobs, Pfizer, MedMark Health and Life, WASLA, SAIB Bank, QUBE Business Solutions, NADS Marketing, APL Logistics, Part of NOL Group,, Lilly Answers that matter, Gold's Gym Zayed, Hilton Worldwide and IYDA (International Youth Dialogue Association. MSA likes to congratulate the directors, the organizers and ushers who showed high level of dedication and punctualities for this event to come out in that marvelous setting. Keep up the good work

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