Arts & Design at Young at Art Congress Turkey

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Arts & Design at Young at Art Congress Turkey

In an International Conference for Arts Students in Turkey "IFASC", at Maltepe University in Istanbul, titled "Young at Art", MSA Arts and Design students Gamila El Leithi, Engy El Zeiny, Marina Raef, Dina Farghal and Eman Bellah Atef participated to exhibit their works of arts and researches. They meant to discuss Arts, Architecture and Interior Design as complementing majors. They were accompanied by Prof. Dr. Aleya Abdel-Hadi and TA Karam Abdallah.

The Congress program contained a number of topics such “Art Education and Theory”; “Visualisation and Digital on Art”; “Art and Design”; “Art, Ideology and Globalisation” in addition to the panel sessions which discussed the issues of ‘Trans disciplinary Approach’ and ‘Manipulative Mechanisms in Media’. The abstracts have been reviewed by a scientific committee of experts in relative fields and accordingly acceptance was sent to participants.

The most important and wonderful achievement of this congress is that students were the main actors in initiating and organising it. The goal is to promote awareness and knowledge about the importance of innovation and creative thinking. It is a significant event in helping connect the young generation in the fields of Art from participating countries and developing cultural and scientific relationships between Universities and Countries. Actual participants were less than one hundred from three Continents:Africa, Asia and Europe; it consisted of sixteen Countries and twenty Universities:
1. Bulgaria: Academy of Dance, Music and Fine Arts.
2. Egypt: Assiut University: Faculty of Specific Education. University of MSA: Faculty of Arts and Design; Dept. of Interior Design.
3. Greece: University of the Saloniki, School of Fine Arts, Dept. of Film Studies.
4. Holland: Art EZ Institute of the Arts. Willem de Kooning.
5. Iran: Islamic Azad University.Bu-Ali Sina University.
6. Ireland: National College of Arts and Design
7. Kenya: Buru Buru Institute of Fine Arts – BIFA.
8. Pakistan: Bahauddin Zakariya University. Institute of Fashion and Design.
9. Poland: University of Warmia and Mazury, Fine Arts Institute.
10. Portugal: University of Lisbon.
11. Romania:George Enescu University of Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Dept. of Art History and Theory.
12. Slovakia: Academy of Arts in Banska Bristica.
13. Switzerland: University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
14. Turkey:Maltepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts.
15. UAE: University of Sharjah.
16. UK: Norwich University, College of the Arts.

Our students from the Interior Design Department at the Faculty of Arts and Design in MSA, participated with two contributions: - The first is a paper on: “Creativity Perception in Three generations of Interior Designers” by Gamila El Leithy and Ingy El Zeiny under the supervision of Lecturer Assistant/Karam Abdallah; it was impressive as a ‘Prezzi’ presentation and had a positive effect on the audience.

- The second was a Panel with theme: “Art, Architecture and Interior Design – A trans disciplinary Approach” by Marina Raef, Dina Hussein Farghal and Eman Bellah Atef with panel moderator Prof. Dr. Aleya Abdel-Hadi. Although Dina Farghal and EmanBellahAtefcould not attend the conference for unpredicted reasons, they have prepared their input and completed it accurately as well as Marina Raef; it is a power point presentation completed at the end with a stop motion video that translated the authors’ view. The work was actually presented by student Marina Raef and Prof. Dr. Aleya Abdel Hadi in a plenary session; the feedback from discussions and explanation was fruitful and informative to all presence.

In sum, our students were impressive, remarkable and outstanding in their performance, whether in presenting their work, answering the questions or asking questions to their peers. This new experience boosted them and made them think of initiating and organising themselves a similar International Congress of Arts Students at MSA. your social media marketing partner

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