Programme Aims & Structure.

A. Programme aims:

MSA Pharmacy programme prepares students to understand, analyse, forecast and influence pharmaceutical professions and industry at community and individual levels. Our programme aims to:

  • Prepare future pharmacists who have a profound knowledge and understanding of medicines and the aptitude to apply such knowledge to health care. Knowledge application is carried on either by direct instructions or by properly informing and effectively influencing the decisions and actions of other health care professionals.
  • Develop practical skills of the students to practice pharmacy in different fields including hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry, governmental organizations and academia.
  • Provide knowledge about the substances used in medicinal sources, design, and manufacture of medicines, the action and uses of medicines, other agents, legal framework, regulatory structure, ethics and health care provision.

B. The overall programme structure:

Programme structure and requirements, levels, courses, credits and awards:

- Number of credits: minimum of 180 credit hours.
- Levels: 5 levels
- Award: BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences.

MSA Faculty of Pharmacy offers a programme inclusive of a preliminary year. During this preliminary year the Faculty provides intensive training in English, the language of instruction of courses. It also provides computer skills that are essential to introduce students to the technological revolution that continually produces fresh information, and help them monitor such breakthroughs on the internet and universities worldwide.

The degree is awarded upon successful completion of the pharmacy programme comprising 180 credit hours, normally completed in 10 semesters. Each semester is composed of 14 weeks excluding the final examination period.

The programme is divided into study units called courses. Each course on average has a load of 3 credit hours. Courses are designated at levels 1,2,3,4 and 5 indicating progressively more advanced studies. A system of prerequisites is used to ensure that a student taking a course has passed the necessary preparatory work.

The BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences degree is granted to students who successfully complete a minimum of 180 credit hours divided as follows:

14 credit hours of University requirements:

The 14 credit hours of University requirements are English Language, Computer Science and Mathematics courses.

21 credit hours of collateral requirements:

The 21 credit hours of collateral requirements are courses that tackle aspects in Behavioural Sciences, Management Sciences and Research and Seminar.

145 credit hours of core requirements:

The 145 credit hours of core requirements are the courses that cover aspects like: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Clinical Pharmacy, Microbiology, Pharmaceutics, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology.

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